Advanced Computing Research Centre

The ACRC has helped establish Bristol University as a world-class centre for research and teaching in advanced computing systems. We deliver hundreds of millions of core hours to researchers across multiple supercomputers and manage Petabytes of research data.


COVID-19 research support

The ACRC will increase HPC and storage resources available to COVID-19 related research.  Access is available to Blue Crystal, Catalyst and Isambard. We have Research Software Engineers (RSEs) and technical staff who will give their time in support of this research. Please email for additional HPC support or for direct Research Software Engineering Support.

ACRC Training - continuing online

Our research computing training programme is continuing online. Please see our training page for details.

South West - Tier 2 -ISAMBARD-  Arm supercomputer

ISAMBARD can provide HPC resource for COVID-19 related research. Please contact Prof. Simon Mcintosh-Smith.

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