Getting started with the RDSF

Why does my data appear to occupy twice as much space as I expect?

As all projects are replicated, a 5TB project actually occupies 10TB of disk space; for example, a 1KB file will occupy 2KB.

How do I make the best use of my RDSF storage?

If you have lots of small files we strongly recommend that you zip or tar them up. This will help you to make the most efficient use of your storage allocation.  

What is the Data-Bris folder in my project?

The Data-Bris folder is a pre-created folder which you should only use when you wish to publish research data via the University Research Data Repository
The data publishing service is managed by the Research Data Service team and guidance is provided on their website.

Should I store all my data in the Data-Bris folder?

No. Only data that is to be published via the University Research Data Repository should be stored there. For any other data you should create other folders.

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