Non-guaranteed postgraduate applicants

University-allocated accommodation

We have very limited availability in our postgraduate accommodation. This means it is very unlikely that we will be able to make any non-guaranteed postgraduate students an offer of accommodation. 

Priority for any rooms we do have available will be given to students who typically find it difficult to rent accommodation in the private sector. This may be because of health needs or because they come from outside the UK or EU. If we are able to make you an offer you may not receive it until the week of 14th September. 

What you can do

Non-guaranteed students should seek to arrange accommodation within the private sector rather than wait to see if the University is able to offer them a room. We recommend that you consider renting with one of the commercial accommodation providers in Bristol. You will be living with other students, and many of these companies have socials and mixers of their own, so you will get a similar experience to living in University-allocated accommodation. More details of the options can be found on our finding accommodation factsheet (PDF).  

Finding accommodation in the private sector

If you're not guaranteed an offer of University-allocated accommodation, you should begin looking for accommodation in Bristol's private sector immediately. We provide advice on finding somewhere to live, including what to look out for when renting and factsheets and resources to you get started with your accommodation search. 

Change of plans

Contact us immediately with any changes in your plans. Always include your name and student number in the email.

For example, we need to know if:

  • You decide to look for private accommodation instead.
  • Your partner or family will (or will not) join you in Bristol
  • You decide not to attend the University of Bristol
  • Your start date at University changes.
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