Complaints and concerns

If you have experienced any issues with your accommodation, or the service you have received from the Accommodation Office, details of how you can resolve this are provided below. You can contact us about anything, including: 

  • a repair or replacement you have already reported (as detailed in your guide) and feel is taking too long, 
  • items that have been lost or damaged in your residence,
  • a concern that your rent has not been calculated correctly,
  • any other dissatisfaction you have about your accommodation,
  • dissatisfaction about the service you have received. 

For issues relating to your accommodation, you should first look at the information in your residence guide to see how you can report it, or you can initially talk your concerns through with a member of your Residential Life team. If you have tried these approaches and still have a problem you would like to escalate, you can report it to the Accommodation Office using the steps below and we will investigate on your behalf. 

Step 1: Report your concern

To report an issue, please email us at You should provide full details of the concern. If it is relating to a repair issue, please note that you must first have reported it as a maintenance issue as detailed in your guide. If you have already done this, please provide dates that you first reported the problem. Please note that any information you give us may be shared with your accommodation facilities team, accommodation management and residential life team if necessary to resolve your problem.

At this stage, we will always try and resolve the issue via this informal process, where a member of the Accommodation Office team will look into the issue and try to resolve the situation for you, and we will keep in touch by email to let you know the outcome.    

Step 2: Making a complaint 

If you are not happy with the outcome of the informal process, the next step is to escalate your problem via the University's complaints procedure. Details of how to do this can be found on the Rules and Regulations for Students pages, under Rights and Responsibilities. The full process, and the form you need to fill out to submit your complaint, are available on this page. This will mean your complaint is dealt with by the University's Complaints Officer and following the standard procedure.

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