Cancelling your accommodation contract

When you accepted your accommodation offer, you signed a tenancy agreement for the full duration of the tenancy dates of your contract and committed to pay rent for this full period. There are only certain circumstances where it is possible to end this contract early. You can view your tenancy agreement from the homepage of your Accommodation Portal.

If you want or need to cancel your tenancy agreement, you need to notify us formally and the next steps will depend on your circumstances.

Moving out but continuing to study at the University (including online study)

If you want to move out of your residence but continue to study at the University, for example to move into a private-rented residence or to return home and study online, you cannot be released from your tenancy under the terms of your contract and will remain liable for the rent due on your room until the tenancy end date, unless a replacement tenant can be found. If a replacement tenant is found, you will be charged a fee of up to £100 to cover the costs of cleaning and reletting your room. 

If you have read and understood this information and still want to apply to leave, please complete the Intention to Leave form. The Accommodation Office will process your request and contact you by email to confirm your rental liability. 

If you are wanting to leave because you're unhappy where you are living, we recommend that you contact the Residential Life team for your village who will be able to offer support and talk through your concerns.

Moving out due to withdrawing or suspending from studies

You are not able to remain living in your residence if you withdraw or suspend your studies, due to no longer being classified as a student. Therefore you must make arrangements to move out and must notify us by completing the Intention to Leave form. We will confirm with your department that you are withdrawing or suspending studies before releasing you from your tenancy. The date from which we end your rental liability will depend on the reason for your withdrawal/suspension: 

  • for health reasons, you will be liable for the rent on your room up to the date that you submit the Intention to Leave form or until you vacate your room, whichever date is later;
  • for any other reason, you must give us two weeks notice via the Intention to Leave form that you plan to leave and will be liable for rent for these two weeks;

It is important to note that, if you are suspending your studies, you are not guaranteed an offer of accommodation in your returning year. You will be eligible to apply for University-allocated accommodation in our returner application in February, but we may not be able to make you an offer. It is therefore recommended that you also look for accommodation in Bristol's private sector. Suspended students are no longer classified as a 'new' student and therefore do not meet the terms of the guarantee and are not eligible to apply in the summer accommodation application. 

You must always discuss suspension or withdrawal with your academic department or personal tutor. Your Residential Life team will also be able to offer you support – you may find it useful to talk to them before making any decisions.

Cancelling your tenancy before moving in 

If you have not yet moved in to your room and want to cancel your tenancy, please see our pre-arrival cancellation information.  

Wellbeing and support

We have a range of free support and wellbeing services available.

Financial help

If you’re experiencing financial hardship we have some emergency funding options that may be able to help.

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