Faculty Quality Teams (FQTs)

Faculty Quality Teams (FQTs) assure the quality of learning, teaching and assessment and of the student learning experience in the context of the research environment that underpins it.  They help regulate University wide monitoring mechanisms in respect of educational quality enhancement and assurance. These teams are made up of small groups of staff and student representatives, with one team for each of the six faculties. Each year, these teams visit a range of their schools to consider quality matters in teaching and learning.

Terms of Reference

Note: Use of the word school can also relate to departments or centres and for some faculties may represent programmes or units.

Policy for Faculty Quality Teams

The FQT Policy (PDF, 265kB) provides the basis for the work of the teams, including details about membership, visit processes and reporting. There is also an FQT Report Template (PDF, 150kB)

Each year, the University Academic Quality and Standards Committee identifies University-wide core themes that teams in all faculties cover in their visits. There may also be faculty-specific themes set by individual FQTs.

Guidelines for students participating in FQT visits (PDF, 29kB) are available to provide some contextual information for students who will be interviewed as part of FQT visits. 

FQT Job Descriptions

There are a series job descriptions that set out the details of the various FQT roles:

There is also a Student Quality Reviewer Agreement (PDF, 197kB), which provides an overview of the expectations for the role and the payment of fees.