Education Action Plans


School Education Action Plans, maintained by Schools, are live, iterative documents used to track actions and monitor progress of all aspects of the Quality Framework. This includes an internal two-stage review of units and programmes which gives schools the framework to reflect on all aspects of their teaching in a timely manner as it provides the opportunity to:

  1. reflect upon the effectiveness of programmes considering feedback from external examiners, students and staff and
  2. consider and plan any subsequent change in order to improve the quality of the programmes.

All schools must maintain an EAP, which is one of the central elements of the University's quality assurance and enhancement (QA&E) framework. The EAP Diagram (PDF, 409kB) shows how EAP relates to this framework.

As part of EAP schools are encourages to carry out a two-stage review of their taught programmes. The value of this lies in the opportunity for schools to relect on all aspects of their teaching in a timely manner.

Please use the EAP Policy (PDF, 333kB) when preparing for and completing your stage one and two reviews. The EAP for each school must be updated and saved in the centrally-held shared folder.

Key dates


Stage one and two meetings (combined) – to be completed 30th September 2017


Stage one meetings – 31st July

Stage two meeting (UG) – 30th September

Stage two meeting (PGT) – 31st March

Please also see additional guidance, which can be used to aid reflection on issues specific to joint honours programmes and the review of inter-disciplinary units that are not connected to a programme. There is also a paper on Ethics in Teaching (PDF, 33kB) that was approved by Education Committee in 2015.

APR for PGR programmes

During the transition towards full Education Action Plan postgraduate research programmes and some specific taught programmes will still be required to undertake annual programme review. Please see the Annual Programme Review page for further information.

Further Guidance

EAP Policy (Office document, 40kB)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about the EAP process please email