Annual Programme Review


All programmes at the University of Bristol should go through an Annual Programme Review (APR), which is one of the central elements of the University's quality assurance and enhancement (QA&E) framework.  The Quality Assurance and Enhancement Process Pyramid (PDF, 33kB) shows how APR relates to this framework. Features of the APR process are:

Submission dates for 2015/16 APR

 Please use the following documents when planning your APR meeting and preparing your APR report.

APR Policy

Please also see additional guidance, which can be used to aid reflection on issues specific to: joint honours programmes and the review of inter-disciplinary units that are not connected to a programme.

APR Report Templates

APR reports must be submitted using the standard University template. This ensures that all issues relevant to APR have been covered and promotes consistency between programmes in their approach to quality assurance. The template also enables ease of reference to particular issues in the APR report during subsequent quality enhancement processes (e.g. FQT visits, School Reviews).  

The correct version of the APR template must be used to produce the APR report. APR reports submitted on the incorrect version will be returned. 

Further Guidance

If you have any queries about the APR process please email