2017 Vision Researchers Colloquium keynote: Computer Vision in Movie Post-production

23 June 2017, 2.20 PM - 23 June 2017, 3.20 PM

Jonathan Starck

1 West 2.101 and 1 West 2.102, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY

Jonathan Starck, Head of Research at Foundry

Over the past decade, visual effects work (VFX) has become commonplace across all film work. This talk will look at the impact of computer vision techniques in movie production and in particular post-production. In post-production teams of artists build complex visual effects both in 2D by editing and compositing video elements, and in 3D to seamlessly integrate digital elements to augment or manipulate video footage. The talk will cover the technical challenges in compositing for film visual effects, where computer vision supports artist workflows and also new challenges for artists in creating and working with 360 video content for immersive live-action VR experiences.

Jonathan Starck is Head of Research at Foundry (www.foundry.com), a global developer of computer graphics, visual effects and 3D modelling software for the design, visualization and entertainment industries. He received a MEng in Engineering from the University of Cambridge in 1996, a PhD in Computer Vision from University of Surrey in 2003 and has published over 40 papers in image and video analysis. Jonathan directs research in Visual Computing at The Foundry, developing cutting edge techniques that extract meaningful data from images to accelerate artist workflows in correcting, modifying and building shots for high-end visual effects. These technologies have been developed into industry standard tools for image and video manipulation (NukeX), stereoscopic 3D correction (Ocula) and live action VR (CaraVR) for movie post-production.

Contact information

Email: bvi-enquiries@bristol.ac.uk or telephone 0117 33 15759

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