I. Cuthill, N. Scott-Samuel, R. Baddeley  BBSRC Concealing 3D objects  2019-22  £740,000 
C. Ioannou, I. Cuthill, C. Tosh (Newcastle)  Leverhulme Trust Project Grant The role of visual attention in the evolution of predator behaviour   2017-20  £200,000
J. Harris (St. Andrews), C. Rowe, J Skelhorn (Newcastle), P.G. Lovell (Abertay), I. Cuthill (Bristol)   BBSRC   What makes an effective warning signal?   2016-19 £370,000 
J. Fennell & L. Talas EPSRC Automatic disease detection and monitoring in calves 2018-21 £610,000
D. Bull, I. Cuthill, I. Gilchrist, C. Ludwig, N. Canagarajah, N. Roberts & J. Burn EPSRC Vision for the Future 2015-20 £1,363,000
N. Scott Samuel,  R. Baddeley & I. Cuthill EPSRC The "Camouflage Machine": optimising patterns for camouflage and visibility 2015-18 £568,000
H. Whitney, I. Cuthill & N. Scott-Samuel BBSRC Deceptive Iridescence 2015-18 £782,000
T. Burghard & D. Bull DSTL Performance and environment aware object recognition 2015-16 £84,000
D. Gibson, N. Campbell & D. Bull DSTL Image stabilisation in a reduced SWAP architecture 2014-15 £7,700
D. Bull and D. Agrafiotis EU PROVISION Marie Curie ITN 2013-16 £607,000
D. Bull & I. Gilchrist EPSRC (IAA) Immersive video formats 2013-14 £49,000
D. Bull & D. Agrafiotis MBDA Context-based video compression  2014-15  £164,000
P. Hill & D. Bull Atlas Context Adaptive ATR 2013-14 £23,000
A. Achim & D. Bull RFEL Ltd Image Fusion optimisation 2012 £20,000
D. Bull, D. Agrafiotis & R. Baddeley EPSRC Parametric Video Compression (COMPPACT) 2012-15 £541,000
D. Bull, D. Gibson & N. Campbell DSTL CDE Low Level Vision 2012 £50,000
D. Bull & I. Gilchrist EPSRC, BBC Bristol-BBC Immersive Technology Laboratory (BITL) 2012-13 £90,000
D. Bull & A. Nix GI-ProVision Wireless Video Transmission 2012 £16,000
D. Bull, A. Nix, D. Agrafiotis, A. Doufexi & T. Burghardt TSB Arkive in Your Pocket 2012-14 £350,000
T. Burghardt & P. Barham Leiden Foundation PenguinID 2012-13 £20,000
J. Burn, D. Bull, W. Mayol-Cuevas & I. Gilchrist EPSRC Bioinspired vision processing for autonomous locomotion 2012-15 £543,000
N. Canagarajah & J. McGeehan EPSRC India-UK Advanced Technology Centre - (IU-ATC) of Excellence in Next-Generation Networks Systems and Services (Phase 2) 2012-15 £400,000
I. Cuthill BBSRC Counter shaded animal patterns: from photons to form 2012-15 £404,000
I. Cuthill QinetiQ High-throughput evaluation of camouflage (2 x Ph.D. studentships) 2012-15 £132,000
W. Mayol-Cuevas & A. Calway MoD Navigation in complex GPS-denied environments 2012-13 £91,000
M. Mirmehdi Jaguar Landrover Monitoring Car Occupants Using Vision 2012-15 £90,000
N. Roberts AFOSR Re-engineering the stomatopod eye, nature's most comprehensive visual sensor 2012-15 £827,000
N. Scott-Samuel DSTL The effect of standard and adaptive camouflage on perceived speed in neutral and stressful situations 2012-13 £38,000
N. Scott-Samuel DSTL CDE 25180 - The effect of standard and adaptive camouflage on perceived speed in neutral and stressful situations 2012 £99,000
S. Temple Australian Museum Seeing coral reefs in a new light 2012-13 £7,400
H. Whitney ERC Interdisciplinary study into the functions and development of leaf iridescence 2012-15 £894,000
D. Bull, J. McGeehan & M. Beach EPSRC CDT in Communications 2011-19 £2,200,000
A. Achim & D. Bull General Dynamics Visual Correction of Atmospheric Turbulence 2011 £32,000
D. Bull, A.  Achim & N. Canagarajah KUSTAR Visual Signal Processing and Analysis Centre 2011-15 £800,000
D. Bull & D. Agrafiotis MoD ITP Duplex Video Coding 2011 £36,000
T. Burghardt MPI SAISBECO (Semi-Automated Audiovisual Species and Individual Identification System for Behavioral Ecological Research and Conservation), Collaboration with Max Planck and Fraunhofer Institute 2011-14 £60,000
T. Burghardt IDtheAnimal Ltd Web-enabled Animal Biometrics 2011-12 £20,000
T. Burghardt iRecognize LLC Towards Automated Machine Vision Recognition of Animal Species 2011-12 £40,000
N. Dahnoun RS compts Component identification from mobile phone imagery-feasibility study 2011 £13,000
N. Roberts Human Frontier Science Programme Deconstructing avian cone photoreceptors: a system of self-organizing optical microdevices 2011-14 £181,000
A. Achim & D. Bull General Dynamics Low Light Vision Enhancement II 2010 £34,000
A. Achim, P. Verkade & D. Bull EPSRC Novel Processing for Cellular Bioimages 2010 £17,000
D. Bull & A. Achim DSTL Detection of Difficult Underwater Targets 2010 £36,000
D. Bull, A. Achim & N. Canagarajah EPSRC Scalable Video Fusion 2010-11 £130,000
D. Bull, P. Hill & D. Agrafiotis MBDA Image Compression Optimisation 2010 £11,000
A. Calway & W. Mayol-Cuevas EU FP7 COGNITO 2010-12 £550,000
N. Campbell & D. Gibson KTS, XMOS High speed Tracking and Control 2010-11 £26,000
I. Gilchrist BBSRC The neural basis of response time availability 2010-13 £222,000
M. Mendl, E. Robinson, W. Browne & D. Campbell BBSRC The defence cascade as an indicator of animal welfare 2010-13 £580,000
M. Mirmehdi EPSRC CASE Jaguar Vision based Driver Assistance 2010-13 £88,000
M. Mirmehdi, A. Pipe & C. Melhuish Leverhulme Vision-Based Robotic Object Manipulation 2010-13 £122,000
J. Nunez-Yanez ESA Reconfigurable statistical lossless data compression for Space Applications. 2010-11 £50,000
I. Penton-Voak Leverhulme Trust Quantifying bodily attractiveness with dynamic depictions of walkers 2010-12 £150,000
N. Roberts BBSRC Seeing the world in a different light - discovering how animals see polarized light 2010-13 £325,000
N. Roberts Leverhulme Polarization Vision in Dragonflies 2010-13 £63,000
W. Mayol-Cuevas & A. Calway Samsung Real Time SLAM for robot vision 2009-11 £300,000
C. Ludwig, J. Burn, U. Leonards & D. Bull Wellcome Trust BVI Locomotion Laboratory 2009-14 £451,000
N. Roberts BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship for Nicholas Roberts 2009-14 £740,000
A. Calway, W. Mayol-Cuevas, A. Doufexi & M. Beach EPSRC/TSB VIEWNET 2008-10 £700,000
I, Gilchrist ESRC Bilateral Netherlands: scanpaths when viewing faces 2008-12 £75,000
I. Gilchrist, R. Baddeley, R. Bogacz, S. Farrell, D. Leslie, C. Ludwig & J. McNamara EPSRC Decision making in an unstable world 2011-16 £1,640,000
C. Ludwig EPSRC Integrating 'when' and 'where' in models of saccade target selection 2008-13 £616,000
D. Bull & A. Achim G4Tech Abnormality Detection in Surveillance Video 2007-10 £120,000
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