Honorary Degrees Committee

University of Bristol Honorary Degrees Committee




Vice-Chancellor and President (Chair)

Professor Hugh Brady

The Chair of the Board of Trustees (Vice Chair)

Mr Denis Burn

Lay member of the Board of Trustees

Dr Moira Hamlin


Sir Paul Nurse


Mr Roger Holmes


Professor Richard Hodder-Williams

Pro Chancellor

Mrs Mary Prior

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Guy Orpen

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Judith Squires

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Nishan Canagarajah

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor John Iredale

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Erik Lithander

Dean of Arts

Professor Michael Basker

Dean of Engineering

Professor Andrew Nix

Dean of Biomedical Sciences

Professor George Banting

Dean of Health Sciences

Professor Jonathan Sandy

Dean of Science

Professor Tim Gallagher

Dean of Social Sciences and Law

Professor Paddy Ireland

The Chair of Convocation

Ms Julie Goldstein

Registrar and Chief Operating Officer

Ms Robin Geller

A Sabbatical Officer of the Students' Union

Ms Desiree Ibekwe

In attendance

Terms of Reference

For the terms of reference of the University of Bristol Honorary Degrees Committee, please refer to the Standing Order on Committees of the Board of Trustees (PDF, 113kB)

Meeting dates and times 2017/18

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Committee Secretary 

Alison Dawson, (0117) 394 0215, Alison.Dawson@bristol.ac.uk