Years 2 to 4

In order to support the cohort approach to learning, students will continue to take part in group training modules as well as attending regular cross-cohort student-led ‘hot-topic’ tutorials, seminars, group meetings and research retreats. These interdisciplinary interactions will provide a support network and opportunities for peer-to-peer teaching and learning. In addition, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend other graduate courses appropriate to your PhD project
  • Undertake an industrial secondment during your PhD, selected by you
  • Visit a UK or international academic partner

The main outcome from years 2-4 of this programme will be the completion of a PhD research project selected by you. You will also be exposed to a wide range of learning experiences including:

  • A core module on ‘Enterprise, exploitation and entrepreneurship’ delivered by our academic and industrial partners covering a range of complementary topics such as commercialisation, intellectual property, management, entrepreneurship and enterprise.
  • Cohort learning modules using peer-to-peer teaching skills to further students’ understanding of key topics: quantum architectures, applications of quantum technologies, quantum chemistry, cryptography, and combinatorics.
  • A public outreach activity to support students in promoting awareness of science to a wider audience, offering invaluable experience in public engagement.
  • Industrial secondment at one of our partner organisations to develop an understanding of business practices and processes, offer exposure to new ways of working, and provide access to industry-focused research projects.
  • Academic visits and secondments to support students in building collaborations with academic groups, both in the UK and internationally.
  • Attendance at training courses at other institutions as well as at least one international conference to development technical skills and knowledge, as well as build presentation and networking skills.
  • Attendance at workshops advising on career development to support you in making informed decisions regarding your future and enhance your employment prospects.
  • Lectures and seminars given by our academic and industrial partners on emerging and new topics in the field of quantum science and technology to help you keep abreast of the latest developments.
  • Development of and attendance at our annual conference to support knowledge transfer between students, academics and partners.

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