Our programme was designed in collaboration with a large number of leading academic and industry experts. It encompasses both the theoretical understanding and the practical application of quantum physics, and offers a breadth of opportunities for discussion, engagement and peer-to-peer learning.

Programme details

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 Highlights include:

  • Guided and self-inspired learning with a broad range of PhD research projects available
  • Practical application as well as a sound theoretical understanding of quantum physics
  • Complementary skills – such as commercialisation and science communication – necessary for academic and industrial excellence
  • Access to an international network of world-class academic and industrial collaborators
  • Support for academic and industrial secondments
  • Opportunity to attend international and national conferences
  • A cohort approach to learning, enabling students to learn from each other in a rapidly evolving field
  • Student-led organisation of an annual conference
  • Access to a broad technology base and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • An annual Quantum Job fair for you to decide on the next stage of your career

More information about Year 1.

More information about Years 2 to 4.

How to apply

It is the combination of the fundamentals of quantum physics and mathematics with engineering that makes this a truly successful approach to training.

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