• Assessing the public's willingness to provide informed consent for their identifiable medical records to be accessed for different types of research, Gemma Lasseter, Lesley Wye, Richard Huxtable and Chris Salisbury (Funded by NIHR School for Primary Care Research)

  • Losing the Losses: Understanding the reasons for attrition in randomised trials and developing the evidence to prevent it. C Gamble, A Lane, A Heawood. MRC Methodology Research Programme.

  • Systematic Techniques for Assessing Recruitment to Trials (START): a programme to test recruitment interventions. P Bower, S Treweek, S Eldridge, J Graffy, D Collier, A Kennedy, P Wallace, C Salisbury, D Torgerson, P Knapp. MRC.

  • Testing the feasibility of a new approach to gaining consent for research in primary careC Salisbury, L Wye, R Huxtable, J Donovan. G Lasseter. NIHR School for Primary Care Research

  • Methods of estimating cost-effectiveness in RCTs when adherence to allocated treatment is incomplete. T Peters, C Metcalfe, W Hollingworth. NIHR Research Methods Fellowship and Internship Award

  • The ConDuCT Hub (COllaboration and iNnovation in DifficUlt and complex randomised Controlled Trials): regional Hub within a national network providing a methodological platform for clinical trials, bringing together and reinforcing existing strengths in methodological research and developing new methodological research. J  Blazeby, J Donovan, A Heawood, T Ades, N Welton, C Metcalfe, S Noble, A Lane. MRC

  • An ethnographic study of group decision-making and member roles to understand and improve how Trial Steering Committees and Trial Management Groups contribute to trial conduct. A Heawood, A Lane, C Gamble, S McCann, M Sydes, M Clarke. MRC Hubs for Trial Methodology Research Network Funding.

  • Influences on psychosocial and physical health in early adulthood: phenotypic enrichment of the ALSPAC cohort through linkage to primary care electronic patient records and other databasesJ MacLeod, G Smith, M Hickman, A Henderson, A Boyd, D Darvill, J Sterne, C Salisbury, et al. Wellcome Trust

  • Centre for the Improvement of Population Health through E-health Research (CIPHER). R Lyons, D Ford, J Macleod, C Butler, S Palmer, S Brophy, P Burton, J Carroll, J Cassell, et al. Medical Research Council

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