Empirical Bioethics - Two Day Training Course


The Centre for Ethics in Medicine offers a two day training course in empirical bioethics, designed as an introduction for those who are undertaking, or wish to learn more about undertaking, empirical bioethics research.

With regret, in light of the Covid-19 outbeak, the course planned for May 2020 has been cancelled.  We will reschdule as and when we can.

The programme usually contains the following:

  • Group work: challenges and questions
  • Introduction to empirical bioethics - what is it and why do we need it?
  • Methods in empirical bioethics: dialogical vs. consultative
  • Stories from the field (Presentations from EB researchers, giving personal accounts of how they went about developing their own EB research)
  • Empirical rigour in empirical bioethics
  • Planning an empirical bioethics project: key questions
  • Planning your empirical bioethics project: Individual and group work
  • Presenting empirical bioethics research – standards and challenges
  • Q&A with presenters

Cost: Usually £420 (including lunches and refreshments

For enquiries contact Dr Jonathan Ives: j.ives@bristol.ac.uk


This course will help you to

  • Understand the development of empirical bioethics
  • Critically engage with key challenges involved in undertaking empirical bioethics research
  • Critically engage with key epistemological and meta-ethical debates in empirical bioethics
  • Develop your awareness and understanding of a range of empirical bioethics methodologies
  • Apply methodological insights to your own work

Feedback from previous courses

"A really useful course - I don't think I could have obtained the same knowledge or understanding even from hours of reading the literature!"

"An incredibly useful course that not only provides the expertise and understanding needed for those using empirical bioethics approaches to ethical enquiry, but also 'space' to allow the thinking, collaborating and exploring that is vital to those practicing in this field"

"This was an excellent 2 days to take at the beginning of my fellowship. I leave with a much clearer sense of the history of the EB field, the development of methodologies, and feel more confident about deciding on the most appropriate methods for my project. I am leaving full of enthusiasm and ready to go"

"Attending this course has been an absolutely brilliant opportunity to learn from great researchers and peers"

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