Centre for Public Health Students

PhD Students in the Centre for Public Health:

Victoria Carlisle: Identifying the facilitators and barriers of successful opioid substitution treatment

Yanaina Chavez-Ugalde: Approaching evaluations of public health interventions to tackle obesity from a complex systems perspective

Michael Daly: Improving Preconception Health: Intervention development to target multiple modifiable risk factors for multiple adverse perinatal outcomes

Kaiseree Dias: Designing an intervention to increase physical activity using epidemiology, systematic review and qualitative methods

Paige Hulls: Cluster randomised trial workplace intervention to improve cardiovascular health of professionals in male-dominated industries: Design and pilot in the construction industry

Claire KellyUnderstanding why parents may choose to withdraw their child from relationship and sex education: a mixed-methods study to explore individual and contextual factors related to withdrawal
(This PhD is jointly funded by the NIHR SPHR and NIHR ARC West)

Alice Porter: What exactly are 'me' sized meals for 1 to 5 year olds? Developing age-and-sex specific meal size guidance for preschoolers

Lizzy Winstone: Social media use and adolescent mental health and well-being

Previous PhD Students in the Centre for Public Health:

Dr Sarah Bell: Physical activity and emotional wellbeing in young people

Dr Heide Busse: Youth mentoring: factors influencing effectiveness of youth mentoring programmes and assessment of outcomes

Dr Charlotte Chamberlain: The impact of the NHS reorganisation on access to high cost cancer pharmaceuticals

Dr Jo Crichton: Peer-led approach to chlamydia screening

Dr Harriet Fisher: Factors Influencing the Uptake of the HPV Vaccination Programme

Dr Suzi Gage: Examining the relationship between cannabis use, psychosis and depression in ALSPAC

Dr Sarah Harding: Environmental associations with physical activity in children and adolescence

Dr Abi Lyndon: Opioid addiction: risks from concurrent poly-substance abuse

Dr Kyle Macdonald Wallis: The influence of social networks on physical activity in 10-11 year old children

Dr Gemma Morgan: Developing and evaluating a physical activity intervention to prevent disability in older people: a feasibility study and pilot RCT

Dr Alex Nicholson: Hand hygiene in primary schools; evaluating the effects of an educational intervention

Dr Michelle Taylor: Role of genes involved in synaptic plasticity in schizophrenia

Dr Laura Tinner: Multiple risk behaviour and health inequalities in young adulthood

Dr David Troy: Determining the efficiacy of choice architecture interventions that can reduce population alcohol consumption

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