Research in the Centre for Public Health

The Centre for Public Health aims to provide robust evidence on effective ways to improve population health and well-being and reduce health inequalities.

The University of Bristol is one of the UK’s foremost institutions for public health research having recently been ranked 3rd in the UK

Our major strengths include:

  • Developing complex public health interventions and evaluations through cluster RCTs and natural experiments
  • Analysing public health policy and examining the roles of law and policy in public health
  • Carrying out evidence synthesis and applied epidemiological studies.

Our areas of interest encompass: obesity prevention, physical activity, nutrition, smoking, alcohol and substance misuse, sexual health, multiple risk behaviour, infectious diseases, mental health, law, governance and ethics.

Our research is highly inter-disciplinary and collaborative, involving public health specialists, social scientists, economists, experimental psychologists, statisticians, modellers, epidemiologists, geographers, clinicians and lawyers.

Our areas of research are as follows: 

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