Joining FSB

Join us as a student, a visiting researcher or a postdoctoral fellow.

To stay up to date with FSB events, join our mailing list by sending a blank email to with the subject: "subscribe fsb-maillist <My Name>", or emailing Catrin Campbell-Moore

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If you would like to be a visiting researcher, please contact Leon Horsten.

Established researchers might be interested in the Benjamin Meaker Visiting Profesorship Scheme or the visiting professorship scheme of the Leverhume trust.

Taught programmes

PhD opportunities

Please feel free to get in contact with a potential supervisor for a PhD in the areas of logic and philosophy of mathematics. Available supervisors are: Leon HorstenPhilip WelchKentaro FujimotoJames LadymanRichard PettigrewCatrin Campbell-Moore and Johannes Stern.

For further information about the PhD course see:

Funding information

Postdoctoral opportunities

Contact Leon Horsten for further information about potential postdoctoral opportunities if you wish to apply for a project to be based with FSB. 

The Faculty of Arts and provides further information about potential funding opportunities.

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