Foundational Studies Bristol

Foundational Studies Bristol (FSB) is a research group at the University of Bristol promoting collaboration between members of the Department of Philosophy and School of Mathematics. The group's research focuses on issues in the foundations of mathematics, as well as philosophy of mathematics and logic more widely construed.

Group coordinators, Professor Leon Horsten and Professor Philip Welch oversee a programme of regular seminars and reading groups, as well as conferences and workshops within the group's research theme.

Philosophical Gourmet Report 2015: Bristol Rankings

  • Philosophical Logic: 2nd in UK, 6-17 worldwide
  • Mathematical Logic: 2nd in UK, 4-9 worldwide
  • Philosophy of Mathematics: joint 1st in UK, 6-14 worldwide
  • Decision, rational choice, & game theory (incl. formal epistemology): 3rd in UK, 8-11 worldwide


  • Bristol-München Conference on Truth and Rationality
    10-12 June 2016, University of Bristol
  • Set-Theoretic Pluralism Symposium
    Taking place 12-17 July 2016 in Aberdeen. More information
  • Alumni Association Student Award to Sam Pollock
    Huge congratulations to FSB PhD student Sam Pollock, who has been awarded a 2015 Alumni Association Student Award. Only 4 awards are made each year. The award is for making an outstanding contribution to the life of the University and the wider community: "Samantha has worked to bring philosophy to disadvantaged people and children in the community, and thereby give them much needed self-respect, a new thoughtfulness and a pathway into academia."
  • Ada Lovelace Lecture
    Tuesday 14 October was Ada Lovelace Day 2014. Prof. Philip Welch delivered a free public lecture as part of Bristol's celebration of the event, entitled 'Ada Lovelace - the first programmer'.
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