Elective student information (incoming)

The Clinical Academies of Bristol University Medical School offer a limited number of clinical elective periods for students from Universities within and outside the United Kingdom.

These “visiting student units” can be validated on behalf of Bristol University by the Academy Deans when proper procedures have been followed.

Full documentation will include a fully completed application form and written evidence from the supervisor that daily attendance has occurred and that progress has been made towards specified learning objectives.

Visiting students’ qualifications are subject to the same scrutiny that are applied to Bristol university students.

This includes a full occupational health check, appropriate immunisations and criminal record check, references and evidence of bona fides. All are required to sign and abide by the Code of Practice for medical undergraduates.

Who can apply

Visiting students would normally be in the final year of their studies before qualifying as a doctor. Units are not normally longer than 8 weeks’ duration and will take place between May and the end of August.

Medical electives are subject to the regulations dictated by the UK Border Agency which currently permit students from outside the European Union to observe medical treatment only and not to participate in the assessment or treatment of patients.

Students requiring visas for entry to the UK should be sure of their status before applying. Their applications for the elective will be scrutinised by central university personnel.

How to apply

Application for the unit should be made direct to the Clinical Academy of your choice. See notes below about how to apply to each individual academy.

Please note that not all the Academies of Bristol Medical School offer elective periods or visiting student units.

You may either:

1. Identify a clinical department within which you wish to work and a supervisor who is willing to be responsible for your training AND then obtain an application form from the academy and complete appropriately;


2. Apply direct to the Academy Administrator who may be able to find a placement once your application form has been received.

A non refundable fee of £125.00 is payable at the time of acceptance and confirmation of the elective.

International students

Please note that you are required to obtain a tier 4 visa and we will need to apply for a CAS number once your application has been processed. We require at least 12 weeks for the process to be complete. You will need to provide the following:

  • Passport number and expiry date
  • Official transcript of marks (most importantly the most recent year)
  • University official name, start and finish date and current programme details
  • Evidence of an acceptable level of English qualification (and certification to prove this) if the student is from a non English speaking country. Further details on English qualifications accepted.
  • Have you studied in the UK before and evidence of this

Please provide this information as part of your application process.


Academies are situated within 50 miles of Bristol. See below for links to the individual sites and for details of whom to contact if you wish to apply.
Please note that spaces are extremely limited and need to be applied for well in advance.

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