Research highlights

  • Thicker coatings

    Researchers at Bristol have overturned a 60-year old equation and discovered a new way of varying the thickness of fluid film coatings.

  • Complexity science

    There are very few analytical tools for dealing with complex systems. We need to invent new mathematics. The Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences is rising to the challenge.

  • Understanding chaos in mathematical billiards

    Corinna Ulcigrai works on Teichmueller dynamics and ergodic theory, a branch of pure mathematics which studies the chaotic properties of dynamical systems.

  • Statistical modelling and methods for complex causal inference

    Vanessa Didelez is a statistician developing methods to understand better causal mechanisms, the processes linking cause and effect in complex systems that evolve over time.

  • Mixing microfluids

    Thorough mixing — whether kneading dough or comparing DNA samples — is essentially a process of stretching and folding the substances so that every part of one visits every part of the other and loses track of its original position.

  • Non-locality

    If quantum correlations were stronger, we would live in a world in which communication complexity is trivial.

  • Laplacians, Random Walks, Bose Gases and Quantum Spin Systems

    This Leverhulme International Network works with five partner institutions across Europe to investigate the  interplay of Brownian motion, its geometry and its applications to other parts of mathematics and sciences.

  • Visualising integer solutions to polynomial equations

    Wooley, Browning and Booker are investigating interactions between geometry and arithmetic in the context of integer solutions to polynomial equations.

  • Quantum physics sheds light on Riemann hypothesis

    When Keating and Snaith's formula was used to calculate the next moment of the Riemann zeta function, it coincided with the number theorists' suggestion: 24,024.

  • SuSTaIn: statisticians set the research agenda

    A £4.2m initiative to revitalise the discipline of mathematical statistics in the UK is underway at Bristol University mathematics department.

  • Wavelets

    Haar-Fisz transforms operate on the wide range of problems where the local signal variance is related to the local signal level.

Research on film

Is doing research in mathematics a creative process? Mathematicians discuss their research.