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Student vacancy - Quantum Information Summer Internships

Quantum computers are designed to outperform their classical counterparts by running quantum algorithms. In some cases, general-purpose quantum algorithms are known that can accelerate a wide class of classical methods. One example of such a quantum algorithm is Grover’s algorithm, which achieves a quadratic speedup for unstructured search problems. This project will aim to find quantum speedups of general-purpose numerical optimisation algorithms, a class of algorithms which have many important practical applications. The project will be theoretical in nature and will focus on applying known quantum-algorithmic techniques to accelerate prominent classical optimisation algorithms.

We plan to take on several students who will work as a team on various aspects of this project.

Pre-requisites: Strong performance in undergraduate modules; Linear algebra; an interest in theoretical aspects of computer science (e.g. algorithms / computational complexity); while prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is not required, a willingness to learn appropriate aspects is needed.

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