Student development

The University of Bristol Law School has always attracted the very best talent from all over the world. It is dedicated to capturing that talent and supporting its students to be the very best they can be. Increasingly this has meant providing opportunities to gain solid, real life experiences of law to complement student studies and increase employability. The core curriculum is already richly supported by opportunities to participate in pro-bono work. The introduction of the Clinical Legal Studies module is a move to embed practical application of law into the qualifications of undergraduates choosing it as a third-year option.

Learning in Practice

Clinical Legal Studies is a third-year option. The course is designed to help students bridge the gap between academic study and the practical application of law. This ensures that students have a real and practical understanding of professional ethics, court structure Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) together with the practice of being a lawyer. There is consideration of different forms of funding, access to justice issues and the practical side of case management including drafting, enforcement and dealing with clients and the courts. From this the students gain an invaluable insight into how the practice of law can impact on people’s lives.

Summer Internships

Anyone who has been involved with a legal issue will know that they do not just occur during term time or outside the exam period. And just because a student is unavailable does not mean that a case or client will wait. The intention of the Clinic is and remains to provide a year round service. It will necessarily be reduced during exams and holidays but the Clinic has an ongoing presence year-round. Funded summer internships generously supported by alumni donations have allowed us to keep the Clinic open over the summer, following through on existing cases as well as helping out on new enquiries.

The Law Clinic grabbed my attention at the visit day as a unique opportunity to act as a legal lifeline for some of the most vulnerable people at the most desperate times of their lives. What could be more rewarding than that?

Bethane Harland (LLB 2018)

Student testimonials

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Involvement in the Clinic is limited to students studying law at the University of Bristol.

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