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A much needed service

A functioning justice system means access to both the courts and legal advice for all who need it. Yet, with cuts to legal aid expected to be in the region of 40 per cent, society’s most vulnerable are being left unprotected. The University of Bristol’s Law Clinic provides pro-bono legal advice, supporting those that most need it to get the justice they deserve - whilst students gain the very best clinical legal education through the provision of a valuable social service that has the power to change lives.

A solid case for growth

We have come a long way in the last three years. We have laid strong foundations for the Law Clinic to professionalise and to meet the growing demand for its services – both from those needing legal advice, and from students wanting to gain real experience of law.

Since September 2014, the Law Clinic has transformed from a student-led voluntary organisation to a practitioner-led Law Clinic. We have become part of a new module based on Clinical Legal Studies, bringing the activities of the clinic into the heart of student learning. And we have built capacity to take on more cases whilst ensuring the students managing them get the right support.

In the last academic year, we received over 300 enquiries of which we took on approximately 200. For the students involved this meant the chance to get immersed in a wide range of issues and gain the confidence to take on the many challenges that law in practice presents.

This was particularly marked for the students working with the parents involved with Clic Sargent. The work by the staff at Clic Sargent and the courage of the parents and children is both inspiring and, in many cases, career-shaping.

The clinic provides undergraduates with solid experiences of law in practice. Creating an environment where students learn through the provision of legal advice not only enriches their lives – but can fundamentally change the lives of those they are supporting. We are hugely grateful to the support of colleagues, students and alumni donors for helping us turn our vision for the Law Clinic into a reality. It would not have been possible without you.

Annual Review 2019/20

To find out more about our work, read the Law Clinic Annual Review 2019_20 (PDF, 4,046kB)


Contact us

Executive Assistant, Louise Chalice
Tel. 0117 394 0082 
Email. bristol-lawclinic@bristol.ac.uk

Or submit your enquiry through our enquiry form.

Recent cases include:

  • A dispute with a bank and the subsequent complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • A person's contractual rights arising out of the purchase of a used car and refusal by the warranty company to allow the transfer of the warranty.
  • The possible conversion of a domestic garage so it could be used in connection with a business.
  • The unauthorised withdrawal of money from an individual's bank account by a landlord.
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