TurningPoint is a student response system (SRS): a technology used in face-to-face teaching scenarios to facilitate interactivity, enhance feedback processes on multiple levels, and collect data from students. TurningPoint is a leading commercial student response system that is widely used at the University of Bristol. You may also have come across systems such as Poll Everywhere or Learning Catalytics. It is quick and easy for novice users to introduce basic practices into their teaching, and there is an excellent range of advanced features for those wishing to do more. See the page on educational practice for more information on different practices and their benefits.

Other terms used for SRS include:

  • audience response
  • personal response
  • e-voting
  • clickers

How it works

TurningPoint allows students to vote using their own devices, such as smartphones or laptops, as well as handheld wireless keypads (or “clickers"). When a question appears on the main screen (typically within a PowerPoint presentation), students use their keypads or personal devices to submit their responses. The software instantaneously displays the results on the main screen for all to see. At the end of the session the results are saved in the PowerPoint file, and can be exported for reference and analysis. TurningPoint can also be used to record results, generate reports, identify participants, manage teams, and run competitions.

Whether you are using keypads or students’ own devices, you will need a licence to collect votes. If you would like to have a licence allocated to you, please contact: digital-education@bristol.ac.uk.

Keypads / clickers

If you are using the keypads, one must be given to each student to enable them to vote. A USB wireless receiver plugged into the presenter’s computer receives the responses.

Students’ personal devices

TurningPoint enables students to respond to polls using their personal web-enabled devices (smartphones, laptops, etc) through a web browser or dedicated app. This requires a wireless network to be available, to allow access via the Internet.

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