Digital Education

Book for workshops in September and October

In the autumn we're running workshops on Blackboard, video, online teaching, EMA, creating online materials, and other topics. See the full list and book online.

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Student produced videos in maths

Working in groups of 3-5, maths students produced short video tutorials. Full case study.

New EMA video guides for markers and students

We produced some brief video guides covering rubrics and offline marking in Blackboard, as well as accessing feedbac in Blackboard and Turnitin. See the EMA guides.

Blackboard course review

Find out how we can help you improve your Blackboard courses, including course reviews, on our course design page.

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Study skills

As part of Bristol Futures, these study skills resources have been co-created by our students, lecturers and support services.

Digital Education

Support and training

We provide advice, support and training on a wide range of practices and tools including:

Ideas for practice

Browse examples of good practice taking place at the University and beyond, covering group work, labs and practicals, lectures, tests, academic integrity, media in teaching, open education, and more.

Ideas for practice

We are now the Digital Education Office

Digital Education Office is the new name for the TELED team. This change follows structural changes in Education Services and the wider Higher Education sector. We will continue to provide the same services and support.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)


Information on projects that we are involved with or have recently completed.

More about projects

Training and events

We run workshops covering a wide range of practices and tools. You can book online from our full list of upcoming events. If there is not a workshop scheduled that meets your needs, or if you would like tailored training focussing on a particular area, please contact us.

About us

We help people throughout the University to use technology to enhance learning, teaching and assessment. Contact us: