Case studies

Highlights - case studies we think you may find relevant to online teaching right now.
Case studyKeywordsOrigin
Teaching transferable skills through online peer collaboration and assessment group workself and peer assessmentfeedbackactive learningstudents as producers Science, Biological Sciences
Supporting year abroad students using online tutorials and quizzes in Blackboard interactive learning materialsonline tests International Office
Assessing student video projects assessment, videostudents as producers Arts, Modern Languages
Student-authored quizzes for revision with Peerwise students as producers Science, Chemistry
Video assessment with maths students assessmentgroup work, students as producersvideo Science, Mathematics
Media enriched teaching and feedback feedbackvideointeractive learning materials Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Creating whiteboard style video with quizzes pre-recording lectures, MS Whiteboard Health Sciences, Centre for Applied Anatomy
Distance Library Skills Workshop and Induction with Collaborate synchronous online sessions Social Sciences and Law, Education
Student-created multimedia field notes using Padlet students as producers, fieldworkPadlet Bristol Futures
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Case studyKeywordsOrigin
A blended approach to teaching translation teaching onlinediscussion forumgroup workactive learning Arts, Modern Languages
A blended approach to developing employability skills teaching onlinediscussion forum, group workactive learning Arts, Modern Languages
Engineering support forums discussion forum Engineering
Flipping the lecture - making time for discussion teaching online, video, pre-recording lectures Arts, Modern Languages
Flipping lectures - increasing effectiveness and value of face-to-face time teaching online, video, pre-recording lecturesactive learning Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Re/Play lecture capture teaching, video, Replay Arts, Modern Languages
Virtual exhibitions with Exhibita Pro group work, students as producers, virtual reality Arts, History of Art
Content system for group projects group workstudents as producers, wiki, blog, content repository Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Pair report writing using a wiki group workstudents as producers, wiki Arts, Graduate School of Arts
Using wikis for group projects in Dentistry group work, wiki Health Sciences, Oral and Dental Sciences
Using e-voting to enhance lecture effectiveness student response systemsactive learning Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Using clickers to support large-group interaction in maths student response systemsactive learning Science, Mathematics
Interactive lectures and richer feedback on assignments: combining OneNote with TurningPoint AnyWhere and Jing student response systems, video, feedback, active learning, MS Office Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Computer managed labs labs Biomedical Sciences, Physiology and Pharmacology
Lab preparation for students - the ChemLabs Dynamic Lab Manual labs, interactive learning materialsonline tests Science, Chemistry
Audio and video feedback assessment, feedbackvideo Arts, Modern Languages
Audio feedback in Science feedback, audio Science, Biological Sciences
Using a blog to support academic writing in Spanish assessmentassessment ideas, students as producers, blog Arts, Modern Languages
Marking using Turnitin Feedback Studio assessment, online marking, feedbackTurnitin Various
Marking using Turnitin Feedback Studio iPad app assessment, online marking, feedback, Turnitin Arts, Modern Languages
Marking using an iPad assessment, online markingfeedbackTurnitin Science, Physics
Improving engagement with feedback using Turnitin and Self Marking assessment, online submission & marking, self assessment, feedback, Turnitin Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Self and peer assessment assessment, self and peer assessmentfeedbackactive learningstudents as producers Biomedical Sciences, Physiology and Pharmacology
Online assessment for practice and exams assessmentonline tests Health Sciences, Clinical Sciences
Student e-learning projects students as producersvideointeractive learning materials Health Sciences, Medicine
Moving from paper-based portfolios to e-portfolios in Blackboard students as producersassessment, assessment ideas, portfolios Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies
Research matters - using Blackboard to collaborate on funding bids non-education, peer assessment, online submission Arts
Repository of music recordings in Blackboard content repository Arts, Music

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