What is it?

Camtasia is screen capture software that can record anything you can see on your computer screen and the corresponding audio. This can then be edited and shared with other people. This practice is commonly termed as screencasting or screencapture. Another term increasingly being used is “coursecasting”.

What can I do with it?


Screencasting is becoming increasingly popular within the university and is used by the Digital Education team to help provide support materials for staff and students, primarily through Blackboard. Contact us if you would like to see further examples.

How do I start using Camtasia?

UoB does not have a site licence for Camtasia but it is widely used so you may not need to purchase the software. There are several options:

What support is available?

We can provide advice on whether Camtasia is an appropriate tool for your needs and if so can advise on best practice. Camtasia is also used by academics in a number of UoB departments. You could ask around to see of any of you colleagues have relevant experience they could share with you.