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Lecture recordings are accessed via the Re/Play link in the left navigation of your unit’s Blackboard course. They become available two working days after the lecture has taken place, unless your lecturer manually publishes them earlier or retracts them after (eg to make some edits). You can access the recordings on any device, using any browser or the free Blackboard mobile app (Android and iOS versions).

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How to get the most from the recordings

We have put together these pointers to help you identify how to get the most from combining traditional note taking with the new lecture recordings, which will be provided in the 2015/16 academic year. It is not intended as an authoritative guide, you will need to select the method/s that suit you best.

The stages of getting the most from recorded lectures. The text is found elsewhere on this page.

Being able to take good notes is an important life skill, and there are plenty of examples in the world of work such as taking minutes of meetings and detailed case notes for lawyers and clinicians.

Getting the most out of lectures is about getting the balance right between note taking and engaging with the lecture. We would encourage you to think about note making, rather than note taking, as this frame of mind enables you to pay more attention to the live event, enabling you to concentrate more on the discussion than on making a full set of notes.

The best way to engage with the recordings is:

Studies over the years have shown that learning outcomes are improved when:

Learning outcomes are significantly decreased when:


I can’t find my recording

My recording isn’t playing / is not playing correctly

Please refer to the FAQs about playing recordings.

If these tips do not resolve your query please contact IT support, providing further details: