Using media in questions in QMP

If you are using images, audio, or video in your assessments, you must ensure they optimised for web delivery. Problems that can occur include: images that are too large for the screen, audio that is difficult to hear properly, and large files that take a long time to load (and sometimes crash student's computers).


Image format should usually be JPEG or PNG. GIFs may also be used in some cases.

We recommend a maximum image size of 800 x 400 (800 pixels wide by 400 pixels high), otherwise the image may not be completely viewable without scrolling. Ensure your images have alt text included.

Audio files

Audio should be saved as MP3 (with a maximum bit rate of 128 kbps), WMA, or MID.

We recommend a maximum length of five minutes per audio clip. It is possible to have multiple audio files in a test if they are embedded in individual questions. Audio files will need transripts.


The supported formats in Questionmark are: WMV, MPEG, MPG, and MOV.

In general, videos should be no more than 5 minutes or 100 MB. If your file is over 100 MB, contact us about the best way to deliver it, as it may be too big for the system to handle. Video files will need to have a transcript or closed captions.

Where possible, you should keep a copy of the source file. Video file formats can become obsolete and retaining the source file enables you to convert to future formats if necessary.


You must ensure that you are using media in a way that compies with UK copyright legislation. Any materials you find on the web are subject to copyright. You must ensure the resource is licensed for re-use (this is usually done using Creative Commons licensing), or that you have the permission of the rights holder.

Tools and further information

Image editing tools

Audio editing tools

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