Affiliated staff and students

NameTitle / PositionResearch expertise
Prof. Geof Allen Emeritus Professor

Nanocomposites; Microcomposites; Surface chemistry; Particle dispersion; Particle-polymer interfaces.

Prof. Mike Ashfold Professor of Physical Chemistry Chemical vapour deposition; Diamond films; Pulsed laser deposition; Biomechanics; Renewable energy and Sustainability. 
Dr Wuge Briscoe Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry Interactions at bio- and nano-interfaces.
Dr Isaac Chenchiah Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Applied mathematics, solid mechanics, multiphase materials, multi-stable and morphing structures, molecular bio-mechanics
Prof. David Cherns Professor of Physics Nanostructured solar cells and light emitting diodes; Wide band gap semiconductors; Structure of defects and interfaces; Transmission electron microscopy. 
Prof. Jonathan Cooper RAEng Airbus Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering Aeroelasticity; Structural dynamics; Morphing Structures; Aero-elastic tailoring. 
Prof. Terence Cosgrove  Leverhulme Professor of Physical Chemistry Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); Neutron scattering; Polymers; Colloids; Molecular modelling. 
Dr Adam Crewe Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Earthquake engineering; Structural dynamics; Seismic testing; Earthquake resistant design; Earthquake resistant construction.
Dr Anthony Croxford  Reader in Ultraconics and Dynamics Guided wave structural health monitoring; Defect classification and quantification using ultrasound. 
Dr Andrea Diambra Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering   Reinforced soils; Geomechanics; Crushing mechanics; Numerical methods. 
Prof. Bruce Drinkwater  Professor of Ultrasonics 

Multi element array imaging; Structural health monitoring; 
Characterisation of interfaces; bonds and layers.

Prof. Charl Faul  Professor of Materials Chemistry  Functional nanomaterials; Conduction/Semi-conducting self-assembled organic materials; Photo-addressable and chiral liquid crystals. 
Dr Erdin Ibraim  Reader in Geomechanics Soil mechanics; Fibre reinforced soils; Soil-structure interaction; Advanced experimental testing of geomaterials.  
Dr Wael Kafienah  Lecturer in Stem Cell Biology  Multi-scale analysis; Textile architectures; Deformability; Damage and failure of polymer composites. 
Prof. Martin Kuball  Professor of Physics 

Micro/Nano-thermography; Nano-borides for energy applications; Nano-sensors; Wideband gap nanostructures; Electronic and Optoelectronic devices; Thermoelectrics.

Dr John Macdonald  Reader in Structural Dynamics  Structural dynamics; Wind engineering; Structural health monitoring. 
Dr Dario di Maio   Lecturer  Experimental structural dynamics; Rotorcraft dynamics.  
Prof. Stephen Mann  Professor of Inorganic Chemistry  Self-assembled materials; Nanomaterials; Materials with complex form. 
Prof. Ian Manners  Professor of Inorganic, Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry  Functional polymers; Self-assembled materials; Nanomaterials and nanocomposites. 
Prof. Paul May  Professor of Physical Chemistry  Chemical vapour deposition (CVD); Diamond films; Plasma diagnostics.  
Prof. Chris Melhuish  Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems  Autonomy; Human robot interaction; Collective intelligence.  
Prof. Phil Mellor  Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  Electromechanical actuation; Energy harvesting systems; Multi-functional materials; Control of electrical drive and actuation Systems. 
Prof. Simon Neild  Professor in Nonlinear Structural Dynamics  Nonlinear dynamics; Structural control; Dynamic testing. 
Dr Avinash Patil  Research Fellow in School of Chemistry  Fabrication of hybrid nanomaterials; Nanocomposites  
Prof. Martyn Pavier  Professor in Mechanics of Materials  Residual stresses; Impact damage; Delamination. 
Prof. Jonathan Rossiter  Professor of Robotics  Electroactive polymers and composites; Soft robotics; Artificial muscles. 
Prof. Robert Smith  Professor of NDT and High Value Manufacturing 

NDT for High Value Manufacturing of Composites

Prof. Bo Su   Professor of Biomedical Materials  Nanofibres and nanocomposites; Ceramics and composites; Bio-composites. 
Prof. Colin Taylor  Professor of Earthquake Engineering  Civil engineering structures; Earthquake engineering; Dynamics. 
Prof Richard Trask

Professor of Advanced Materials at the University of Bath

Development of biologically inspired 3D and 4D multifunctional materials.

Dr Jeroen Van Duijneveldt  Reader in Physical Chemistry  Colloidal particles; Polymers and nanocomposites; Surfactants; Liquid crystals. 
Prof. Duncan Wass  Professor of Catalysis  Catalysis; Self-healing; Synthetic chemistry. 
Prof. Paul Wilcox  Professor of Dynamics  Non-destructive evaluation (NDE); Structural health monitoring (SHM); Ultrasonics. 
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