Postgraduate students

NameProject titleSupervisor
Qing Ai The application of morphing aero-structures for flow and noise control purposes Dr Mahdi Azarpeyvand
Jonathan Alston Non-linear ultrasonic detection of kissing bonds in composite structures Dr Anthony Croxford
Behjat Ansari Modelling of the back face deformation caused by ballistic impact of Dyneema® plates and shells with novel geometry Dr Luiz Kawashita
Gaetano Arena Morphing structures for flow regulation  Dr Alberto Pirrera 
Giampaolo Ariu Field manipulation of fibre additives in composite structures and subsequent treatment for performance enhancement and restoration Dr Dmitry Ivanov
Chrysoula Aza Compliant robotic actuation powering assistive composite exoskeletons  Dr Alberto Pirrera
Anna Baker Composite immune system: bulkheads and antibiotics Prof. Duncan Wass
Ashley Barnes  An investigation into aerofoil thickness and weight control using Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) of pre-impregnated epoxy based carbon slit tows  Prof. Kevin Potter 
Simon Bates RNLI multifunctional materials for future fleet concepts  Dr Ian Farrow 
Laura Beckett Morphogenesis manufacturing: smart materials with programmed transformations – shape-programmed folding of stimuli-responsive polymer bilayers  Prof. Ian Manners
Runa Begum  Natural polymer based composites as scaffolds for stem cells growth and differentiation  Dr Sameer Rahatekar
Jacob Best Biologically Inspired Next Generation Outer Body Armour  Prof Stephen Hallett
Lourens Blok  Development of improved fibre reinforced feedstocks for high performance 3D printing Dr Ben Woods
Diego Bracho Garcia Polychromatic composite structures Dr Annela Seddon
Callum Branfoot ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
David Brigido

ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student

Prof. Paul Weaver
Marc-Antoine Campana TBC Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa
James Chilles   Embedded inductively coupled sensors for structural monitoring   Dr Anthony Croxford 
Pete Calvert

Pursuit of a repeatedly defect free, in tolerance as-moulded component through development of data-driven, adaptive, capable preforming and moulding processes irrespective of process variation

Prof. Kevin Potter
Harry Clegg Exploring the possibilities and pushing the boundaries of TTR Prof. Ivana Partridge 
Alex Cochrane Virtual manufacturing: validation of laminate deformation processes in automated composite material deposition and moulding Prof Stephen Hallett
Jim Cole ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Bradley Cox  Robust analysis of buckling, post-buckling and other structurally non-linear phenomena in composites  Dr Alberto Pirrera
Simone De Broccolo Periodic inclusions in auxetic media Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa
Mattia Di Francesco  AFP technology material/deposition optimisation Prof. Kevin Potter 
Michael Dicker Intelligent self-actuating composites  Prof. Ian Bond 
Max Dixon Multifunctional nonlinear lattice structures  Dr Alberto Pirrera
Huan Doan  Synthesis, characterization and applications of novel hierarchical porous materials Dr Valeska Ting
Yousef Dobah  Multi scale thermoplastics with natural and core reinforcement for shape change and high performance characteristics  Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa 
Jianxun Du TBC Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa
Peter Duckworth Chemical modification and processing of polysaccharide-based composites with antimicrobial properties  Dr Sameer Rahatekar 
Laura Edwards  Novel multi-functional magnet composite materials and their application in the design of high specific output electromechanical drives  Prof. Ian Bond 
Noemie Fedon ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Guillaume Francois  Novel structural design of composite wings  Prof. Jonathan Cooper 
Iryna Gagauz 

Testing and modelling of porosity defects

Dr Luiz Kawashita 
Oliver Gaite  Composites Manufacture (EngD)   
Ian Gent  Biologically inspired adaptive camouflage: polyphenism-colour changing smart materials  Dr Ian Hamerton 
Calum Gillespie ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Vincent Gill The impact of scaling component size and production rate on composite manufacturing process, technical capability and cost Prof. Kevin Potter
Daniel Griffin Development and delivery of cure and material state monitoring within liquid moulding processes for fibre reinforced composites Dr Ian Hamerton 
Tharan Gordon ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
David Granados Alcala Identification and prediction of damage propagation in composites under high cycle fatigue loading Dr Dario Di Maio
Steven Grey ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Kilian Gruebler ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Jamie Hartley  Crashworthiness improvements to automotive sandwich composites using hybrid fibre plies and tufting  Prof. Ivana Partridge
Robin Hartley ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Mark Hazzard  Composite protection - from atoms to applications Prof. Stephen Hallett 
Yanjun (Desmond) He Surface modification of flexible deployable structures for space applications Dr Ian Hamerton
Callum Heath  Integrating form, function and fabrication within HIgh Value Added Complex Structures (HIVACS)  Prof. Ian Bond 
Bethany Hickton  Bioprinting for creating and growing ceramic armour on-demand  Dr Adam Perriman 
Khinwei (Aewis) Hii Efficient numerical models for early design analysis and optimisation of thick composite laminates Dr Luiz Kawashita
Thomas Hounsell  TBC Prof. Paul Weaver 
Chris Hunt ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Robert Iredale  Development of liquid processable BT resins suitable for microelectronic and radome applications  Dr Ian Hamerton 
Jordan Jones Novel interfaces in hybrid composite-metal struts  Prof. Stephen Hallett
Konstantina Kanari

ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student

Prof. Paul Weaver
Anatoly Koptelov

ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student

Prof. Paul Weaver
Ashwin Kristnama

Effect of foreign object damage on composite aerofoils and structures

Prof. Michael Wisnom
Rico Kuehlewind  Understanding Composite Behaviour in Aero Engine Applications  Prof. Stephen Hallett
Shashitha Kularatna  Non-contact non-destructive inspection of composite structures during manufacture  Prof. Kevin Potter
Olivia Leao Carvalho  Structural efficiency via stiffness adaptation Dr Alberto Pirrera
Thomas Llewellyn-Jones  Continuous ultrasonic assembly of composites  Prof. Bruce Drinkwater 
Vincent Maes  Advanced design and manufacture concept of bend-twist coupled wind turbine blade Prof. Paul Weaver
Ffion Martin 

Design of preforms for resin infusion technologies

Prof. Kevin Potter 
Beene M'Membe  Novel through-thickness reinforcement development  Prof. Stephen Hallett
Manu Mulakkal Morphogenesis manufacturing: smart materials with programmed transformations  Dr Annela Seddon 
Robin Neville Multifunctional kirigami cellular structures  Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa 
Camilla Osmiani  Multi-scale characterisation and modelling of tufted composite structures  Prof. Ivana Partridge 
Muhammad Othman  Multi-level aeroelastic tailoring of composite wing aircraft  Prof. Jonathan Cooper
Dominic Palubiski ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Rita Palumbo TBC Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa
Oli Parks The future of composites for marine applications Dr Paul Harper
Aakash Paul  TBC Prof. Michael Wisnom
Laura Rhian Pickard  Investigation of new pressure testbed system and application to composites testing and manufacture Prof. Ivana Partridge  
Ellen Pope  Auxetic Nanofoams  Prof. Stephen Hallett  
Isabel Qamar Novel porous wall vascular networks for repeated self-healing  Prof. Ian Bond 
Arjun Radhakrishnan  Novel multi-matrix patterned composites for functionalising and structural performance improvement by 3D printing Dr Dmitry Ivanov
Tamas Rev  Exploiting thin-ply hybrids to establish failure criteria under multi-axial loading Prof. Michael Wisnom 
Andres Rivero Bracho  Design, analysis, optimisation, and experimental validation of a three dimensional aeroelastically tailored camber morphing wing for lift control and load alleviation  Dr Ben Woods
Sheril Rizal Vincent Processing of Natural Polymers and Nanoparticles with Ionic Liquids  Dr Sameer Rahatekar 
Jemma Rowalandson   Dr Valeska Ting
Bethany Russell  Development of light-weight, high mechanical strength carbon fibre composites suitable for turbine blade applications Dr Ian Hamerton
Jakub Rycerz  Realising the potential of carbon fibre composites in compression  Prof. Michael Wisnom
Sam Scott ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Laxman Sivanathan Developing process control in contact moulding and infusion processing for low cost high volume manufacture of critical safety products

Dr Carwyn Ward

Pichaya Srisuk  Alginate Based Composite Scaffold for Engineering and Biomedical Application  Dr Sameer Rahatekar 
Jonathan Stacey ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Matthew Such  Investigation of aligned short fibre reinforcements for manufacturing high-volume and geometrically complex components  Prof. Kevin Potter 
Putu Suwarta  Optimisation and exploitation of thin ply hybrid composites  Prof. Michael Wisnom 
Rujie Sun Soft, stretchable, and conformable biointegrated composite electronics for wireless pressure measurement  Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa 
Rhys Tapper Development of a closed-loop recycling method for aligned short carbon fibre composites  Prof. Kevin Potter
Matthew Thomas Variable bend-twist coupling in turbine fan blades Prof. Paul Weaver 
Adam Thompson Numerical modelling of composite manufacture Prof. Stephen Hallett 
Matthew Tolladay A multiphysics atomistic-finite element approach for nanostructures and nanocomposite architectures Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa 
Mario Valverde Hybrid reinforced thermoplastic composites  Prof. Stephen Hallett
Laura Veldenz Automated preforming technologies optimisation and integration Dr Eric Kim
Georgios Voudouris TBC Dr Dario Di Maio
Wei-Ting (Logan) Wang Improvement of composite drape forming quality by enhancing interply lubrication  Dr Eric Kim
Yi Wang ACCIS CDT 1st Year Student Prof. Paul Weaver
Jun Watanabe Tensile distribution of carbon fibre and unidirectional CFRP composite  Prof. Michael Wisnom
Callum White Ultrasonic ray tracing in composite specimens with arbitrary shapes Prof. Paul Wilcox
Emily Withers Applications for scrap material reuse in automotive structures  Dr Carwyn Ward
Robert Worboys  Industrial scale nano-reinforced composite structures Dr Luiz Kawashita
Xun Wu  Pseudo-ductility of thin-ply angle-ply laminates in structural applications  Prof. Michael Wisnom
Ningbo Xie NDT-based performance prediction for composite components Prof. Robert Smith 
Meng Yi Song Textile Composites Modelling for Automotive Applications Prof. Stephen Hallett
Ioannis Zampetakis Meta-compliance and energy dissipation in cactus-based solids Prof. Fabrizio Scarpa 
Joanne Zhang Damping performance of carbon based nanocomposite Prof. Stephen Hallett 
Petar Zivkovic Improvements and innovations in Automated Fibre Placement Dr Eric Kim
Evangelos Zympeloudis Next generation dry fibre placement technology for high volume and high quality composite manufacturing – CMTS (Continuous Multi-Tow Shearing) Dr Eric Kim

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