Postdoctoral researchers

NameTitle / PositionResearch areas
Dr Hafiz Ali Research Associate in Environmental Degradation Composites Adhesive bonding, mixed mode fracture, defects and features of composites, environmental degradation of composites.
Dr Jonathan Belnoue Senior Research Associate Composite process modelling. 
Dr Angel Leon Collado Research Associate TBC
Mr Michael Elkington Research Associate in Automated Manufacturing Automated layup of complex shapes with sheet prepreg material. 
Mr Bassam Elsaied Research Associate in Multi-Scale Analysis of Composites Multi-scale modelling of composites. 
Dr Jonathan Fuller  Research Associate in High Performance Ductile Composite Technologies  High Performance Ductile Composite Technology (HiPerDuCT). 
Dr Rainer Groh  Research Associate  Non-classical effects in straight-fibre and tow-steered composite beams and plates, non-linear finite element analysis, bifurcation theory. 
Mr Mike Jones  Senior Experimental Officer  Composites manufacturing and testing. Investigation of manufacturing induced defects 
Dr Alexis Kordolemis  Research Associate  Non-local theories in plates and shells. 
Dr Anastasia Koutsomitopoulou  Research Associate in Advance Cellulose Composite Manufacturing  Process and cure monitoring. Fibre production research and development.
Mr David Langston Research Associate in tailored Wind Turbine Structures TBC
Dr Marco Longana  Research Associate in Composites Manufacture and Characterisation  Ductile composites, hybrid composites, short fibre composites, composite recycling and digital image correlation.
Dr Terence Macquart  Research Associate  Aero-servo-elastic Tailoring of Wind Turbine Blades. 
Dr Yusuf Mahadik  Senior Research Associate   Composite manufacturing and testing
Dr Antonio Melro  Senior Research Associate in Analysis of Reinforced Composites  High definition modelling of Z-pin reinforced composites. Micromechanical modelling of composites. 
Mr Sergio Minera Rebulla

Marie Sklodowska - Curie Research Fellow

Dr Supratik Mukhopadhyay  Research Associate  Numerical modelling of damage and failure in composites. 
Dr Rinat Nigmatullin Research Associate TBC
Dr Oliver Nixon-Pearson Research Associate in Composites Manufacture & Characterisation  Manufacturing and microstructural defect analysis. 
Dr Vaclav Ondra Research Associate TBC
Mr Mayank Patni  Marie Slowdowska-Curie Research Fellow  3D stress fields in localised areas of stiffened panels: stringer terminations and rib-foot connectors.
Dr Thomas Pozegic  Research Associate  High Performance Ductile Composite Technologies. 
Dr Alessia Prato Research Associate TBC
Dr Steven Rae Research Associate in Composite Manufacture and Testing Self-healing materials.
Dr Chrystel Remillat Research Associate   
Dr Joel Serra Research Associate TBC
Miss Katie Smith Research Associate  
Xiao Chuan (Ric) Sun  Research Associate  
Dr Xiaodong Xu  Research Associate in Composites Modelling  Size effects in notched composite laminates. 
Dr Bing Zhang  Research Associate in Multi-Scale Analysis of Composites  Experimental and modelling characterisation of composite materials. 
Dr Chenchen Zhu  Research Associate in Advanced Cellulose Fibres Manufacturing and Testing  Dry-jet wet fibre spinning of high performance or multifunctional natural polymer based nanocomposite fibres, characterisation and analyses of their properties 
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