Research Themes

Multifunctional Composites and Novel Microstuctures

Multifunctional composites and novel microstructures

Advanced composites provide unique opportunities to create structural materials with added functionality e.g. for sensing, or self-repair, and new material architectures incorporating novel fibres and nanomaterials. Find out more >>

Design, Analysis and Failure

Design, analysis and failure

Fundamental experimental studies yield understanding of physical and mechanical behaviour that provides the foundation for analysis methods to predict performance, and tools to design and manufacture optimal structures.
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Intelligent Structures

Intelligent structures

Composites enable integration of the traditional disciplines of materials science, mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, numerical modelling and optimization to create high performance intelligent structures.
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Composites Processing and Characterisation

Composites processing and characterisation

Knowledge of material microstructures and processing characteristics enables enhanced and novel approaches to be developed for manufacturing composite components.
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Funded projects

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Visit the Explore Bristol Research webpages for a full list of publications focussing on composite materials published by our academic staff, researchers and collaborators from across the University.