Funded projects

Project titleInvestigatorsFunding bodyValue (£)End date
VIPER Prof Fabrizio Scarpa H2020 MSC 439,212 01/03/2020
New generation of manufacturing technologies: liquid print of composite matrices Dr Dmitry Ivanov, Dr I Georgilas (UWE) EPSRC 97,379 01/04/2017 
Materials Efficiency  Prof Kevin Potter  EPSRC  218,532  01/10/2022 
Robustness-performance optimisation for automated composites manufacture  Dr AA Skordos (Cranfield), Prof Kevin Potter  
EPSRC  138,537  01/11/2016 
Little Owl  Prof Kevin Potter  Innovate UK  74,097  02/11/2018 
Manufacturing of High Performance Cellulose Fibres to Replace Glass Fibres and non-Renewable Precursors of Carbon fibres Prof Kevin Potter, Dr SS Rahatekar, Prof A Bismarck (Imperial), Prof T Welton (Imperial), Prof S Eichhorn (Exeter) EPSRC 2,060,466 01/06/2019
Additive Layer Manufacturing  - First Grant Dr Luiz Kawashita EPSRC  99,084  01/01/2017 
OSS KTP - Oxford Space Systems funding Prof Paul Weaver, Dr Alberto Pirrera Technology Strategy Board 157,098 01/06/2017
Supergen Wind - Servo-aeroelastic tailoring of wind turbines using new active-to-passive control systems Prof Paul Weaver, Dr Alberto Pirrera, Dr H Yue (Strathclyde), Prof WE Leithead (Strathclyde) EPSRC 549,539 01/12/2018
FULLCOMP Prof Paul Weaver, Dr Alberto Pirrera H2020 MSC 369,307 01/06/2019
DefGen Prof Stephen Hallett, Prof Ivana Partridge, EPSRC CIMComp 734,783 01/07/2016
HiPerDuCT Dr Hamish McAlpine      
HIPOCRATES - self-HealIng POlymer for Concepts on self-Repaired Aeronautical composiTES Prof Ian Bond, Dr Richard Trask, Duncan Wass EC FP7 - CP 212,665 01/11/2016
Defects and Features Phase 2 (DF2) SILOET2 Prof Stephen Hallett
Rolls-Royce 559,000 01/01/2017
High Performance Ductile Composite Technologies (HiPerDuCT) - Programme Grant in collaboration with Imperial College London Prof Michael Wisnom, Prof Kevin Potter, Prof Ian Bond, Prof Paul Weaver, Prof Bismarck (Imperial), Prof M Shaffer (Imperial), Dr P Robinson (Imperial), Dr JHG Steinke (Imperial) EPSRC 6,416,783 01/07/2017
INNWind part of FP7-ENERGY-2012-1 Prof Paul Weaver EC FP7 - CP 196,605 01/11/2017
Understanding Delamination Suppression at High Deformation Rates in Through-Thickness Reinforced Laminated Composites Prof Stephen Hallett, Prof Ivana Partridge EPSRC 375,124 31/03/2018
Remote Chemical Sensing, Signal Transmission and Control of Self-Actuating Structures Prof Paul Weaver, Prof Ian Bond, Prof Charl Faul, Prof Jonathan Rossiter Leverhulme 210,000 31/12/2017
Breakthrough Aerospace Material (BAM) Prof Stephen Hallett Innovate UK 169,999 01/10/2018
ACCIS DTC EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training Prof Michael Wisnom, Prof Ian Bond, Ian Farrow, Prof Paul Weaver EPSRC 7,130,174 31/03/2018
Industrial Doctorate Centre in Composites Manufacture Prof Ivana Partridge, Prof Kevin Potter EPSRC 3,926,972 01/04/2019
Structural Efficiency and Multi-Functionality of Well-Behaved Nonlinear Composite Structures Dr Alberto Pirrera EPSRC (fellowship) 866,291 01/04/2020
Rolls-Royce Composites University Technology Centre (UTC) Prof Michael Wisnom, Stephen Hallett Rolls-Royce   Forecast 2019
Industrial Doctorate Centre in Composites Manufacture - 2013 CDT Prof Ivana Partridge EPSRC 3,731,262 01/10/2022
ACCIS DTC EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training (renewal) Prof Paul Weaver, Prof Ian Bond, Ian Farrow, Dr Richard Trask, Prof Michael Wisnom EPSRC 4,858,764 01/10/2022
Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Composites Prof A Long (Nottingham), Prof Kevin Potter, Prof Stephen Hallett, Prof Michael Wisnom, Prof Ivana Partridge EPSRC 5,866,584 01/07/2016


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