Funded projects


Project titleInvestigatorsFunding bodyValue (£)End date
VIPER Professor Fabrizio Scarpa H2020 MSC 439,212 01/03/2020
Materials Efficiency  Professor Kevin Potter  EPSRC  218,532  01/10/2022 
Phoenix Professor Kevin Potter  Innovate UK  74,097  28/02/2019
Manufacturing of High Performance Cellulose Fibres to Replace Glass Fibres and non-Renewable Precursors of Carbon fibres Professor Kevin Potter, Dr SS Rahatekar (Cranfield), Professor A Bismarck (Imperial), Professor T Welton (Imperial), Professor S Eichhorn EPSRC 2,060,466 01/06/2019
Autocatalytic Fuel Systems to Power a New Generation of Machines Dr Michael Dicker Leverhulme Trust 88,855 01/03/2021
Supergen Wind - Servo-aeroelastic tailoring of wind turbines using new active-to-passive control systems Professor Paul Weaver, Dr Alberto Pirrera, Dr H Yue (Strathclyde), Professor WE Leithead (Strathclyde) EPSRC 554,096 01/12/2018
FULLCOMP Professor Paul Weaver, Dr Alberto Pirrera H2020 MSC 369,307 01/06/2019
HiPerDuCT Professor Michael Wisnom      
CTI Composite Fan Technology Professor Stephen Hallet  Innovate UK 1,596,136 01/11/2019
Breakthrough Aerospace Material (BAM) Professor  Stephen Hallett Innovate UK 169,999 01/10/2018
Industrial Doctorate Centre in Composites Manufacture Professor Ivana Partridge, Professor Kevin Potter EPSRC 3,926,972 01/04/2019
Structural Efficiency and Multi-Functionality of Well-Behaved Nonlinear Composite Structures Dr Alberto Pirrera EPSRC (fellowship) 866,291 01/04/2020
Rolls-Royce Composites University Technology Centre (UTC) Professor  Michael Wisnom, Professor Stephen Hallett Rolls-Royce 1,420,000 01/01/2020
Industrial Doctorate Centre in Composites Manufacture - 2013 CDT Professor  Ivana Partridge EPSRC 3,731,262 01/10/2022
ACCIS DTC EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training (renewal) Professor Paul Weaver, Professor Ian Bond, Dr Ian Farrow, Professor Richard Trask, Professor Michael Wisnom EPSRC 4,858,764 01/10/2022
New Enzymatically Produced Interpenetrating Starch-Cellulose Gells Professor Steve Eichhorn EPSRC 571,044 01/06/2020
Novel Tow Termination Technology for High-Quality AFP Production of Composite Structures with Blended Ply Drop-offs Dr Byung Chul Kim EPSRC 101,114 01/07/2019
Manufacturing of High Performance Cellulose Fibres to Replace Glass Fibres and non-Renewable Precursors of Carbon fibres Professor Kevin Potter EPSRC 904,745 01/06/2019
SIMulation of new manufacturing PROcesses for Composite Structures (SIMPROCS) Professor Stephen Hallett EPSRC 1,115,704 01/05/2022
NCC Strategic Engagement 2017-2019 Professor Kevin Potter EPSRC 109,586 01/04/2019
2-D forming of low cost steered fibre laminates Professor Kevin Potter EPSRC 28,492 01/08/2020
International Exchanges Award: Kirigami Tensegrity Professor Fabrizio Scarpa The Royal Society 11,974 01/03/2019
The Future Composites Manufacturing Hub Professor Kevin Potter EPSRC 1,504,071 01/01/2024
FastRTM Professor Fabrizio Scarpa Innovate UK 114,687 01/04/2019
EPSRC Advanced Materials Fellowships for Growth Professor Richard Trask EPSRC 870,839 01/06/2019
Next-generation test methods for nonlinear structures Professor Fabrizio Scarpa EPSRC 321,562 01/06/2020
ORE Catapult Wind Blade Research Hub Professor Paul Weaver Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult L 697,969 05/06/2022
SABRE Dr Ben Woods H2020 CP 934,500 01/12/2020
HiPerDiF Professor  Michael Wisnom      


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