Top tips for job hunting

Looking for your first job after university can be a daunting prospect, so we have compiled some top tips to help you along:

  • Be resilient. Remain confident. Try again. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a job straightaway. Learn from your experience and try again. If you have any concerns about your job search, remember you can book appointment with an adviser to discuss any issues.
  • Be prepared. Get your CV, application and interview skills in top shape. Take a look at the information we have on our website and receive feedback from our advisers to make the best possible start when applying for jobs.
  • Access the hidden jobs market. Not all jobs are advertised or actually promoted. Be creative in your job search – apply speculatively to a company. Check out the find a job page for advice on how to find employers.
  • Network. It is important to build your contacts. Use these contacts to ask for advice and opportunities. Our Careers Network and LinkedIn are great places to start. Head over to our speculative applications and networking and our talk to alumni page for more advice.
  • Get experience. Work experience, voluntary work, internships and other ways of demonstrating your skills can all enhance your chances. The become more employable page has more tips on getting experience and making yourself stand out from the crowd. You may also want to take a look at the University of Bristol Internship Scheme.

Check out our video resources for help and advice from employers about a range of topics including writing a great CV, networking and looking for jobs.

Talk to us! All students and recent graduates can talk to us about any career issues

The graduate recruitment cycle

The main graduate recruitment schemes often follow the same pattern each year:

High-profile period - October to January inclusive

Generally, employers look for finalists to start in the following summer. Employers in engineering, finance, law, IT and the Civil Servicestart recruiting particularly earlyin the year. Miss out on this process and you risk missing some major recruiters who only recruit annually.

During the summer term and after graduation

Alongside any unfilled graduate schemes, this is the time for a series of national recruitment fairs for students, including theSummer Fair at Bristol.

Throughout the year

There are many employers who look for graduates as and when they need them. These range from small employers, recruiting infrequently, to large employers with a continuous need for recruits.

In addition to the traditional graduate recruitment scheme cycles, some employers now leave vacancies advertised for the whole year.

Further information

For more information about looking for jobs, follow these steps: