Film and Television graduate destinations

Film and Television graduates are well placed to enter a wide range of employment sectors not directly related to their degree, particularly those that can utilise the broad range of communication skills that are developed through their course of study.

Data obtained from

  • Single and joint honours Film and Television courses (BA and MArts)
  • Graduates from the UK 

Responses were received from 21 UK graduates from 2018/19; this is a response rate of 54%


Most important activityPercentage of graduates
Paid work for an employer 52%
Self-employment/freelancing 14%
Running my own business 0%
Developing a creative, artistic or professional portfolio 14%
Voluntary/unpaid work for an employer 5%
Engaged in a course of study, training or research 0%
Taking time out to travel 0%
Caring for someone 0%
Retired 0%
Unemployed and looking for work 14%
Doing something else 0%

Sector information

Film and Television graduates tend to find employment in areas directly related to their degree. These include film production, acting, the theatre and media related activities. As a result of the skills they develop during their course, Film and Television graduates are also able to apply for another 70% of vacancies that are open to graduates of any degree discipline. The potential employment areas are very wide.

Employment sectorNumber of graduates

Public relation and communication activities


General secondary education


Defence activities

Other sectors (6 sectors) 6

Employers and occupations

Examples of employers

  • BP plc
  • Xilam Animation
  • Lou Coulson Associates
  • Odeon Cinemas Ltd

Examples of occupations

  • Testing Operative
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Assistant Director
  • Teacher

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