Theology graduate destinations

Theology graduates enter a wide range of jobs in many sectors of employment utilising the specialist knowledge and transferable skills developed by their studies.

Data obtained from

  • Single and joint honours Theology (BA) courses
  • Graduates from the UK 

Responses were received from 29 UK graduates from 2016/17; this is a response rate of 80.6%

Sector information

Many careers do not require a specific degree and around 70% of jobs are open to graduates of any discipline. Bristol graduates of Theology acquire a range of skills during their time at the University which are of interest to employers. Teaching, law, finance, social work, marketing, journalism, local and national government are examples of the employment sectors in which previous graduates now work.

Employers and occupations

Examples of employers

  • Hybrid
  • Hope Bristol
  • Euromoney plc
  • Headland Consultancy
  • Reform Synagouge Youth

Examples of occupations

  • Marketing Executive
  • Journalist
  • Project Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Youth Worker

Further study

A small number of graduates enter further study, either to extend their subject knowledge, e.g. Religion (MA) or Religion in Global Politics (MA) or to use their skills to embark on something new, e.g. Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Public Health and Promotion (MA) or Gender and International Relations (MSc).

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