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The department also contributes to the following multidisciplinary courses:

Our undergraduate teaching

We offer stimulating and challenging units on our undergraduate courses that draw directly on the research interests and published work of our staff. Because of this, you will get to study emerging contemporary theories in art history from experts in their field, as well as receiving a strong education in the central canon of our subject.

At undergraduate level, our courses focus on western art and architecture, providing you with a broad knowledge of developments from medieval to modern times. We will help you progress clearly and steadily from your first year of studies to your final year, preparing you to undertake a piece of your own genuine research by the final year.

I was particularly drawn to Bristol because of its fantastic reputation, particularly in the working environment... I’ve since started working for the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London, whilst pursuing printmaking as a career part-time.

Emily, BA History of Art (2013). Read more about Emily's experience.

Why study art history?

What can the study of art history offer you as a student, and as a graduate?

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