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Undergraduate courses in the Department of History

History courses

At Bristol, we don't just develop students of history; we develop historians, actively engaged in interpreting the past.

All of our staff regularly publish new work and, as our teaching is led by our research, you could find yourself learning about the latest thinking on any number of topics. These might include:

  • the history of witchcraft;
  • the Holocaust;
  • modern China;
  • mass media in the age of the British Empire;
  • medieval prophecy; among others.

Liberal Arts

The department also contributes to the following multidisciplinary courses:

Why study History at Bristol?

Studying History at Bristol has provided me with an internationally prestigious degree, which has enabled me to secure positions that might otherwise have required PGCEs or Masters qualifications. Facing a saturated British job market, the experience of working in such a different and challenging environment will certainly benefit me in my future career.

Chris Benson, BA History - now teaching in Hong Kong

What's all this about 'research-led teaching'?

Josie McLellan, Senior Lecturer, and Isabel Marler, a former student, chat about their experiences of research-led teaching on the BA History course.

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