Helping You to Take Part

If there is something we can do to help you take part in Children of the 90s then feel free to get in touch.

We will gladly arrange for:

Recently we have sent out information about taking part in Children of the 90s and a new way of collecting information called ‘data linkage’.

Audio versions of this information

Detailed information about Children of the 90s

Detailed Information about ‘Data Linkage’

We always try to make the information we send out as easy to understand as possible. If we don’t manage to do this, or you have ideas on how we could do this better then please get in touch.

Or, you can get in touch with OCAP. OCAP are a group of young adults who take part in the study and advise Children of the 90s staff on the research work we do.

Children of the 90s is part of the University of Bristol, their accessibility policy is here