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Men who started smoking before age 11 had fatter sons

2 April 2014

Men who started smoking regularly before the age of 11 had sons who, on average, had 5-10kg more body fat than their peers by the time they were in their teens, according to new research from Children of the 90s.

Frequent childhood nightmares may indicate an increased risk of psychotic traits

28 February 2014

Children who suffer from frequent nightmares or bouts of night terrors may be at an increased risk of psychotic experiences in adolescence, according to new research on Children of the 90s data from the University of Warwick.

ALSPAC secures almost £8m in funding

7 January 2014

The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) has been awarded almost £8 million in core funding from the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust for the period April 2014 to March 2019. ALSPAC also receives financial support from the University of Bristol.

Two in three 13-year-old girls afraid of gaining weight

17 December 2013

Six in ten 13-year-old girls, compared to four in 10 boys the same age, are afraid of gaining weight or getting fat according to new research on eating disorders that uses data on over 7,000 participants in Children of the 90s.

Autistic traits may be more common in girls than previously thought

14 November 2013

Boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but new research suggests that more girls may have the condition than previously thought but may have not been diagnosed because they are better than boys at covering up some of the signs.