Children of the 90s in the news

Research using our data and news about the study is reported all over the world. Here you can find some of our news coverage.

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Video highlight - April 2019, Children of the 90s featured by ITV News West Country for milestone 2000th research paper.

Dec 2019 The Telegraph

Some boys are problem gamblers by 17 as one in eight admit regularly betting

Nov 2019 P&T Community

Hyperanxious Pregnant Women May Have Hyperactive Kids

Nov 2019 BBC Onine

Short sightedness: Genetic test could help at-risk children

Nov 2019   Hindustan Times

Women in poor neighbourhoods face more violence, says study


October 2019

BBC online Bristol 'study of life' gets £8m boost to continue work  

October 2019

BBC Radio Bristol Ali Vowles in conversation with Professor Nic Timpson, Professor George Davey Smith, Professor Jean Golding OBE and participants, Nancy and Tim  

September 2019

The Guardian How a pioneering study of child health has influenced a generation of parents  

September 2019

Sky News Adult type 2 diabetes markers found in kids as young as eight  

September 2019

The Conversation Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may affect the child’s behaviour in early years  

August 2019

The Conversation Teens who hit puberty later could face bone health issues in later life  

August 2019

Mail Online

Children who overeat, pick at meals or are fussy when it comes to food are 'more likely to be anorexic or binge as teenagers'


June 2019

Irish Times Five essential tips for a healthy liver  
June 2019 Mail Online Obese teenagers show sign of heart disease that are usually only seen in older people, study reveals  
May 2019 Food Navigator (USA) Study looks into whether picky eating habits follow a child into adolesence   
April 2019 The Guardian Experts warn of fatty liver disease 'epidemic' in young people  
April 2019 BBC Points West Bristol families continue to give the world unique health information (video)  family; children
April 2019 BBC Online Pregnant women less likely to smoke than their mothers  family; children
March 2019 Dentistry Today Researchers uncover the genetic roots of mouth ulcers  
March 2019 Bristol 247 Bristol researchers' first long term look at how to predict suicide in young people  
February 2019 Daily Mail Depression and self harm is higher in teenagers of the facebook generation who grew up in social media boom than those a decade ago  
February 2019 BBC Online Adolescent health: Teens 'more depressed and sleeping less'  
February 2019 Irish Examiner 'Thinking positively during pregenancy 'could influence child's academic success'  
February 2019 Thinking Positively During Pregnancy May Help Your Kids With These Crucial School Subjects, Study Finds  
February 2019 TES 'Pupils' ability linked to mothers attitude during pregnancy'  
January 2019 The Versed Is Your BMI really an accurate measure of good health?  
January 2019 Scarymommy LGBTQ kids and teens are 4 times more likely to self-harm  
December 2018 New York Post Study finds depression link between fathers and daughters  
December 2018 The Guardian Depression of fathers and their daughters linked, study finds  
December 2018 Thisisinsider BMI may be a better measure of health than previously thought  
December 2018 The Times The eight simple fitness tests we should all be doing every month  
November 2018 CNN Mothers drinking may have harmed 1 in 5 Britons  
October 2018 Bristol Post What is it really like being a father in Bristol?  
August 2018 Huffington Post Relax parents, your fussy eating toddler will still grow up to be healthy  
July 2018 Bristol 247 9 Ways Bristol's Research And Teaching Has Helped Shape The NHS  
June 2018 NIHR Drive and tenacity: How Jean Golding has helped us understand the health of three generations  
June 2018 Parenting Science Gang How have 14,500 Bristol babies changed science? Q&A with Suzi Gage  
April 2012 The Guardian The Bristol babies who are unlocking the secrets of life  
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