Our discoveries

To date, over 1000 academic papers have been published as a result of information supplied by Children of the 90s participants. Many of these are important discoveries about childhood health, attracting national and international attention.

Just fifteen minutes of daily vigorous exercise can halve the risk of obesity.

Photo credit: Mike Baird on Wikimedia Commons

If a pregnant mother eats oily fish, her child may have better eyesight.

Photo credit: Adam Selwood on Flickr


Babies are not harmed by sleeping on their backs.

Photo credit: Arria Belli on Wikimedia Commons

Use of air fresheners and aerosols is associated with more diarrhoea and earache in babies.

Photo credit: PiccoloNamek on Wikimedia Commons


Children exposed to lots of chemical agents are more likely to wheeze

Photo credit: Kent Kanouse on Flickr

Peanut allergy can result from peanut oil in certain baby creams and lotions.

Photo credit: mootje_mootje on Flickr


Mothers who smoke take longer to get pregnant & are more likely to miscarry

Photo credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro on Flickr

Teenage girls who are too thin may be putting their bones at risk

Picture credit: Bernhard Ungerer on Wikimedia Commons