Playing your part in the future of 'Children of the 90s'

Please remember to return the consent form. Thank you

Now that you are adults you can help Children of the 90s to build a better future through contributing to ground-breaking research on the causes of the world’s most important health and social problems.

There are two ways in which you can take part

1. We want you to ‘sign up’ to take part in the FUTURE of Children of the 90s

To do this we’re asking for your permission to keep your contact details on our file so that in future we can ask you whether you’d like to fill in a questionnaire or come to our focus research clinic to give us information about you.

Why do you want to know about my life?

What am I signing up to?

Signing up to this does not mean you have to fill in any of our questionnaires or come to our clinics; it just allows us to contact you in the future.

2. You can give us permission to get information about you from your official records (including your health and education records)

With your permission Children of the 90s would like to follow your health and life events by linking to your official records; such as those held by the NHS, the education system and the benefits and earnings department. For some of you this will also include information about criminal convictions and cautions. We call this way of collecting information ‘data linkage’.

Data linkage gives us information that is difficult to get using questionnaires or at a clinic. Some of it you wouldn’t even know, for example the precise dose of an antibiotic you were given as a baby.

What next?

Please think about all the information, get in touch if you have any questions, and let us know what you decide to do by returning the PEARL Consent Form V7.1 (PDF, 217kB)‌ we sent out in the pack (If you need another consent form then please let us know)

More Information: The ‘Children of the 90s’ pack

Here are web copies of the information we sent out

Detailed information about Children of the 90s

Detailed Information about ‘Data Linkage’


We’re very careful to keep all of your information confidential

With everything we do at Children of the 90s we want to protect your privacy. To do this we will make this Our Commitment to You (PDF, 202kB)

More Information

What to do if you change your mind

Taking part in the study is voluntary, you are free to do as much or as little as you like. If you change your mind about taking part in some or all of Children of the 90s then let us know.

Children of the 90s would like to do all it can to make taking part easier

The organisations who collect your official records

Feel free to get in touch

If you want to talk about this or need more information then feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for taking the time to think about this, remember what you do can really make a difference!