Children of the 90s is a group of around 14,500 children born in the Avon area in 1991 and 1992. Scientists have been studying them ever since and are constantly making discoveries that make a difference to lives around the world.

Some now have children of their own, and we want to follow these pregnancies, births and babies. We call this Children of the Children of the 90s, or COCO90s for short. This is the only project we know of that provides scientists with information on three generations, allowing them to study important social and health issues.

If you or your partner are in Children of the 90s and are about to become or are already a parent, we'd love you, your partner and all your children to take part in COCO90s. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have been involved in Children of the 90s in the past -- this is a new opportunity to be involved in ground-breaking research.

You're doing something for science and are involved in new discoveries. It makes you feel a bit valuable. And it's good for the kids to be involved from an early age so they can look back and say I was a part of it and did help in a small way.

Sara, COCO90s mum

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