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How does your jumping ability correlate to other areas of your health?

4 November 2021

The jumping mechanography – along with other physical measurements – assesses participants' general muscle strength, function, power and mobility.

During our @30 clinic, we have introduced a number of new measures. One of which is a physical capability assessment. This includes a jumping test, a balancing and hopping assessment, as well as a hand grip test. 

Physical capability is very important and underpins our ability to carry out every day tasks, to do our job and to complete social activities. It is made up of different components - how strong and powerful we are, and how well we can control our body. It's important to measure each of these aspects independently and with accuracy. 

Listen to Dr Alex Ireland explain why the new jumping mechanography is so important.

Further information

What's involved in the physicial capability assessment?  

1. A hand grip test will be carried out using a small measuring device called a spring dynamometer. This assesses upper limb strength.

2. A balance test will see participants standing in several different positions to assess how long they can maintain their balance - the positions get progressively harder.

3. Lower limb power will be assessed through participants doing 3 jumps on a special platform called a force plate.

4. The peak force of participants' muscles will be measured through single leg hopping on the force plate.

5. A hand grip test will see how long it takes for particpants' muscles to get tired.

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