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This questionnaire is for completion by Focus@24+ participants before a Focus visit.

You will need the username and password included in your invitation pack to log in. If you do not have these, please get in touch on 0117 331 0010 or

The data you provide will be made available to approved researchers across the world and will help in answering important questions on human development, health and disease.

Your answers to all these questions are confidential and will be processed using a unique ID number. All your personal details will be removed by Children of the 90s staff and researchers will not be able to link your answers back to you. Your data will only be shared with approved researchers for research that has been approved by Children of the 90s.

Some questions may seem very similar to each other. This is because the combination of answers gives a clearer picture than one single answer. There may be questions that seem a bit strange and are not applicable to you because they are about specific feelings or problems. We would be very grateful if you would try to answer all the questions but we understand if there are questions that you either prefer not to answer or are unable to answer. Please just leave these questions blank. There are no right or wrong answers.

If you need help completing this questionnaire, please get in touch on 0117 331 0010 or

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire – we look forward to seeing you at Focus@24+ soon. If you have any questions before your visit, please get in touch on 0117 331 0010 or

After your Focus visit, we will reimburse your travel expenses, give you a £30 shopping voucher as a thank you for your time, and enter you into a monthly prize draw to win an iPad.

More information

You may find this Drinkogram (PDF, 211kB) helpful when answering questions about your alcohol intake.

Our‌ helpline_information_sheet (PDF, 261kB) lists organisations that offer support on some of the issues raised in this questionnaire. 

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