2. Significant Changes to the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes for 2021/22

Taught programmes

A. Self-certification of absence due to illness for one-off summative assessment
Revisions to permit the self-certification of absence due to illness for one-off summative assessment (as well as examination) that takes place on a specified day and which cannot be reasonably rescheduled within the unit. Exam boards have discretion as to whether the student is required to take the assessment at a later stage depending upon whether the learning outcomes associated with the assessment are demonstrated elsewhere in the unit. (sections 7.14-18, 19.19, 19.25, 30.10 and 38.11)

B. Anonymity in the marking process
Revisions to designate those types of assessment where anonymity may or may not be expected at the first marker and moderation stages. (section 16.6)

C. Expectation for assessment deadlines
New clause added that assessment deadlines should be planned such that they do not fall on weekends, UK public holidays or University closure days and within standard University ‘office’ opening times. (section 10.4)

D. Consistent use of term to express the amount of time for an action to be completed
A set of amendments throughout the Taught Code to consistently describe the number of days that it takes for an action to be completed within our academic regulations and associated procedures with a definition clarifying that a ‘day’ excludes UK public holidays or University closure days but includes weekends. (sections 13.1, 17.4 and 21.2)

E. Misconduct relating to ethical approval for dissertations or projects
Clarification to the Assessment (previously Examination) Regulations (Annex 3) that any misconduct relating to ethics of research, including relating to an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student’s project or dissertation should be considered under the Regulations on Research Misconduct.

Undergraduate programmes only

F. Re-assessment in final year
Clarification to confirm that final year students are not permitted resits (except for must-pass units). (section 30.19)

G. Transfer into programmes with a study abroad
Additional clause to the Policy on Student Transfer (Annex 5) to specify that students seeking to transfer to a programme with study abroad from a “cognate” programme are required to submit the transfer request within the first TWO weeks of the first teaching block in their second year of study only. Transfer is subject to both academic approval and placement availability. This will apply for new entrants from 2021/22.

H. Sensitive material in UG dissertations and the use of Turnitin
Addition of a new section where UG dissertations are exempted from a Turnitin submission due to it containing sensitive material, mirroring the existing approach for PGT dissertations. (section 11.26)

Taught postgraduate programmes only

I. Re-submission of dissertation due to ECs ‘without penalty’
Amendments to allow a re-submission of the dissertation without penalty, even where the dissertation has achieved the pass mark, and for an exam board to take into account the impact of an extenuating circumstance upon the dissertation when determining classification in specified circumstances. (sections 19.31-32)

J. Classification in PGT Certificates and Diplomas
New clause to set out classification method for designated PG Certs and Diplomas, which mirrors the taught component condition for classification in taught Masters. (section 39.6)

K. PGT Exit award with merit and distinction
Amendment to allow a faculty exam board to make an exit award with merit or distinction to any student on a designated programme who chooses to withdraw from the programme but otherwise met the academic criteria to progress. (section 39.4)

L. Normal period of study for Postgraduate Diplomas
Amendment to clarify that the ‘normal’ period of study for part-time students studying on a Postgraduate Diploma is 12 (from 6) months. (section 34.8)

M. PGT University dissertation submission deadline
A further extension of the University dissertation deadline is continued into 2021/22 to Monday 12 September 2022. The change applies to the 2021/22 academic year only. (section 34.19 and Annex 14)

Other changes to the Annexes