6. Academic Student Support

Information on the operation of the model, including the responsibilities of the Senior Tutor, Personal Tutor and the student within this are provided in the University’s Policy on Academic Personal Tutoring, provided at Annex 4: University policy on academic personal tutoring (PDF, 282kB)‌.

6.1 Each school will have a coherent academic support model for its students that fits within the framework provided by the Academic Personal Tutoring policy, supported and delivered by (but not limited to) two key roles: the Senior Tutor and the Academic Personal Tutor (or ‘personal tutor’). The model will be sensitive to the needs of particular subject cohorts and student groups (e.g. those who study on a part-time basis) and complement the arrangements that are in place regarding students’ wellbeing through Wellbeing Advisers and other professional services staff.

6.2 All undergraduate and taught postgraduate students will have an allocated Academic Personal Tutor from within their home school, as assigned by the Senior Tutor. The only permitted exception to this is in Schools with exceptionally large cohorts of postgraduate taught students.  In these cases, the role of the Academic Personal Tutor may be undertaken by a team of academic staff members.

6.3 The Personal Tutor will support and facilitate academic and personal development in partnership with students as they transition to and within their programme of study.

6.4 Academic personal tutoring will be underpinned by a regular programme of contact between students and their personal tutors; minimum expectations on the frequency of meetings are set out in the policy.

6.5 Each school will have at least one dedicated Senior Tutor, appointed by the Head of School or as part of a faculty team, who will oversee the overall provision of academic student support and the implementation of relevant university regulations and policies and support, advising and supporting Personal Tutors and students as appropriate.

6.6 Conversations between the student and the Personal or Senior Tutor are confidential unless the student gives their permission for them to be shared or in an emergency situation.

6.7 The school will ensure that all its Senior and Personal Tutors are able to fulfil the functions of the role successfully. New Personal Tutors will be appropriately trained through the University’s CREATE programme.

6.8 Students will be provided with clear information on the academic support model in place in their school.

6.9 The operation of a school’s academic support model will be monitored and reviewed by the relevant Senior Tutor, with additional scrutiny by the University Quality Team, where necessary.